20 Years Clutch on the Biggest Stage in America

Respect: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Respect is what any baseball player, baseball fan, or any athlete held for the amazing and unforgettable Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. Respect is a quality that an individual earns over time, but one that can be lost in seconds. Jeter was able to keep and claim the word respect for 20 years as one of the greatest baseball players of our time. Frank Thomas states ‘He was never the best hitter, he was never the best fielder, but he had the ability to rally men.’ What is it that makes a man great? What is it that earns them the word respect?
On the largest stage in America, Jeter was able to earn respect and keep it. Jeter was so well respected that before his game against the Red Sox, he was given farewell gifts, and honored by other athletes including NHL Bobby Orr. Jeter wasn’t just a baseball player, but an athlete, a hero. He turned the word respect into something more, into a word that held more value, his number. The trend of spelling respect with the number two is one that most baseball fans and athletes recognize. It is amazing that one man was able to alter the spelling of a word just to fit him individually. But what is it that brought Jeter to earn so much respect? It was his ability to rally men, when in desperate need of energy from the Yankee fans or in need of a great play to get everyone off their feet; Jeter was there to fulfill the lack of energy or the emptiness. Jeter would never give up and would always strive for more. His attitude on and off the field towards the Yankee fans and the city of New York was what any American wanted their city to be known for. Jeter earned respect by giving respect.

Clutch: to perform under pressure.
Frank Thomas used a word to describe Derek Jeter perfectly, clutch.
When the Yankees needed someone to lead the team, Jeter was there. When the Yankees needed a pick-me up or a rally starter, Jeter was there. Even in his last game at Fenway Stadium and his last at bat at his home field when the Yankees needed an RBI, Jeter came in with the RBI single. Jeter was clutch. No matter the situation, no matter the time or day, and no matter what was needed, Jeter was there. Jeter ended his career against the Red Sox with an infield hit. He ran as hard as he always did down the first base line and outran a chopper to third. He was clutch. His performance of 20 years was clutch.
Who will replace this clutch athlete? Who will bring the respect? Who will lead the new York Yankees? Derek’s retirement leaves the Yankees with shoes that will certainly be hard to fill. Jeter is a player that will always be remembered, honored, and respected at Fenway Stadium. He is a player of pure love of the game of baseball and love for the city of New York. Derek Jeter had a clutch career of 20 years. Hall of Fame worthy and eternally respected, Derek Jeter, forever a hero.

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