Last Friday, Jim Furyk did something that has only been done on the PGA five other times, shoot a 59.  Furyk’s 59 does bring to light the question of; why this doesn’t happen more often?  With the amount of talent in professional golf this day and age, not to mention the huge leaps in technology surrounding the sport, golf clubs and balls etc., how does this not happen more often? Although a 59 seems pretty incomprehensible to the average golfer, when you really think about how good pro golfers are today, and then pair it with the amount of technology available now that was not available even 20 years ago, it’s kind of surprising that these low of scores do not happen more often.

Furyk’s round was not necessarily flawless either.  Despite hitting every fairway, only missing one green, and only having 23 putts (12 one puts), he actually did have one bogey.  Not short changing Jim Fuyrk’s accomplishment, but for how good these guys are at what they do, and the amount of great equipment that these guys have custom fitted to them, it kind of surprised me when I saw that this was only the sixth time this has happened in the PGA.

Back when guys like Arnold Palmer, Seve, and Jack Nicolas were playing, the amount of talent from top to bottom in the PGA was not nearly as good as it is now. To actually get your PGA tour card, not to mention hold onto it for longer than a couple years, you have to be a pretty amazing golfer and put up consistent numbers, or win every once in a while against the best in the world.  So with this endless pipeline of amazing talent coming into the sport paired with the new technology available now that was not before, how is this only the sixth time this has happened?

Earlier this year Phil Mickelson flirted with a 59. At the Phenoix open this year, Phil Mickelson missed out on a 59 by a fraction of an inch. Maybe I am underestimating just how hard it is to shoot 11 or 12 under in a round, but I just really would have thought there would be more than 6 59’s posted over the history of the PGA tour.

Majors are a completely different story though.  I’d be willing to bet everything I have that no one will shoot 59 in U.S Open or at Augusta anytime in the near future.  The atmosphere at a major along with the just sheer difficulty of the courses played would render it almost impossible for anyone to ever put that low of a number up.  The only way that could happen would be if there were no wind at St. Andrew’s one year.

Once again, maybe I am underestimating the difficulty of the average PGA event, but I am just very surprised that there are only 6 59’s that have been posted over the life of the PGA tour. Maybe golf is just an incredibly mental sport that will always be one of the most difficult around.


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