An Overview of the Dawgs

Where do I begin? For the Dawgs, this season has been quiet the roller coaster. To start off with such a promising win over Clemson, showcasing our old and new skill, we had high hopes for the season. I don’t even want to address what happened with the South Carolina game, it was no one persons fault and we had plenty of opportunity to win, but we couldn’t get our heads on straight. Troy was a “pick-me-up” game and a landslide victory, but it allowed our heads to get a little too big because the following week, we nearly lost to an underrated Tennessee team. After that, the Vanderbilt game didn’t start off as planned, but we soon took control and ran away with it in the second half. We (fans of UGA) were once again reassured that we were a top team in the nation and had a chance at winning it all this year, and not letting it slip through our fingers like we have in the recent past. “This was our year!” we thought.

Now for the backbreaker – Todd Gurley, the heart and soul of our team, gets suspended indefinitely because of a do-gooder and, “fan of all Atlanta sports,” man named Bryan Allen leaked information to the NCAA about Gurley using his likeness off the field to get paid for autographing memorabilia. Not only a backbreaker, but a heartbreaker as well. High hopes of a playoff spot soon began to dwindle in all Dawgs fans alike, including myself. One can say that only a true fan would still believe we were going to win-out, but how did the Cleveland Cavaliers fare the season after LeBron left? And yea, I just went there and compared LeBron to Gurley – so that was my thought process. ¬†With an upcoming SEC East game on the schedule, a promising Missouri team never looked so scary…or at least thats what all the fans thought. I could tell you: what I was wearing, where I was, what I was doing, and the time when I saw UGA blowout and shut out the Missouri Tigers, (for the record, I was at my moms house in Kennesaw wearing my black UGA polo, drinking a Bud Light, standing by the TV in our family room, at 2:15 pm).

Although we were still upset about our loss, this may have been exactly what was needed in order to get the rest of the team to play up to their potential. On the road again, we beat Arkansas, another threatening SEC team, and did so with fashion in the first half – I don’t want to talk about the second half. Then there’s the Florida Gator loss, which there is no excuse for. Now we’re in real trouble to get a playoff bid, because there may be a few teams that remain undefeated and many other one-loss teams that would rank higher than us. I know the committee factors in strength of schedule, but it’s hard to argue agains’t losses versus unranked South Carolina and Florida opponents.

Moving passed Kentucky with a breeze, and a very rare start to a game (Mckenzie running back the opening kick off) here’s the situation: We still have a chance BUT and that’s a big but, we have to win out and Missouri has to lose at least one of their three remaining SEC games. We absolutely have to beat Auburn this weekend AND, along with a Missouri loss, win the SEC championship agains’t what it looks to be like the potential National Champions, Mississippi State – just to get a 4 seed in the playoffs. BUT, the former Hiesman candidate, Gurley, is now eligible to play and is looking to bring home a long awaited national title, along with the rest of us. Typing this right now is making my mind go in hyperdrive and I can’t sit still, so I’m signing off, but I’ll leave you with this thought: Anything is possible!


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