Ancient Warriors of the 2014 Olympics

It has come to the public’s attention that, as per usual, many countries are receiving terrorist threats against their players of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The winter Olympics are to begin in a few weeks starting on February 6th. This year, the games will be taken place in the coastal city of Sochi, Russia. The location of this event has been sparking great controversy considering the latest terroristic occurrences that have been going on around this area for the past few years.

There have already been numerous threats, via email mostly, claiming premeditated future attacks on this year’s games. Many people right now do not feel as though officials are taking these threats seriously enough. Some officials are claiming that many of these threats are in fact empty threats and are not to be taken seriously. But would we not rather be safe than sorry?

Although receiving threats before such a globally broadcasted event is not that uncommon, Russia, along with all other countries that are participating in the Olympics, have begun taking their own measures in insuring the safety of the participants. With some 200-plus Americans anticipated to attend the Olympic games, America has already ensured that two warships will be stationed in the Black Sea as well as planes on standby in the unfortunate event that a terrorist attack does in fact occur.

We have word now that Russia is stepping up to the plate in amplifying security in the streets of Sochi by bringing in ancient warriors. Yes- ancient warriors. Russia has brought in hundred of Cossacks to begin patrolling the streets of Sochi now and throughout the entire length of the games. These Cossack’s ancestry dates as far back as a thousand years. They are well known for their tall fur hats, embellished jackets, and traditional dance. They are also known as a force not to be reckoned with and many people flat out fear them. These Cossacks, although live a stern and militaristic lifestyle, are actually volunteering to help with security. A noble act for a group of very noble men.

For centuries, the Cossacks loyally served Russia’s tsars protecting the Russian Empire from uprisings. They were brutal in their tactics, which gives them their feared reputation that they currently have. There is a saying that locals have in regards to the Cossacks, “what you cannot do, a Cossack can.” Let’s just hope that is true and they will be able to assist local officials in keeping our Olympic competitors safe and sound while they compete.

Russian officials are confident that with the extra help of a few hundred Cossacks, the streets of Sochi will remain safe for the incoming Olympic gamers. They have them stationed in the Olympic village where the gamers will be sleeping as well. They have also instructed participants in the games to not wear their country’s names and colors outside of Olympic venues once in Sochi for safety reasons. They are claiming that if there are terrorist attacks they will be directed at the participants and that is another precaution they are currently taking to keep this years Olympic games a fun, memorable, and safe global event.


By: Pauline Cornelius

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