Back in the USSR

It’s that special time of the year folks, Olympic season is among us. Between the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, the world is blessed to see athletes from their home countries compete ever two years. This year the, a controversial decision was made for the 2014 Winter Olympics to be hosted in Sochi, Russia. Between the problems with social injustice to the lack of quality accommodations, athletes, vendors, sponsors, and fans are not happy.

Even before the Olympics people were not happy with the games being played in Sochi, Russia because of their anti-gay stance. As the times are changing, countries all over the world have become more accepting of gay marriage, but Russia is not one of those places. With an open anti-gay stance, “pro-gay propaganda” has been banned as well as any public stance for equal rights.

Many thought that this year the Olympics would be one for the record books when Russia announced that they would be spending $51 billion on the event this year.  However, with hotels being unfinished, to roads still not being built, a phenomenon has swept the twitter universe called “#SochiProblems”, where people who are there for the Olympics can tweet a picture and a short description of how awful the conditions are. Some of my favorite tweets are pictures of athletes sitting in the dark because the power went out in their hotel room or of the “drinking” water being yellow.

The one thing that is able to make everyone forget about all of the problems in Sochi, Russia as well as the rest of the world is the love that people have for their countries and the games that are going on. The long lasting rivalry between the United State and Russia has been apparent many Winter Olympics, as seen in their deep ice hockey rivalry. And the other day that rivalry was brought up again with the United States took on the Russian home team in a game of hockey.

As the popularity of the National Hockey League hockey begins to increase, the number of hockey fans has rapidly increased in the United States. With the team being stacked this year with some of the NHL’s best and biggest players such as goalie Jonathan Quick from the LA Kings to Patrick Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks, the United States have some amazing talent. This stacked team is going to be a hard team to crush, but the one team that would be able to do it would be Russia. This year Russia’s team has 14 men from the NHL and they plan on going all the way in their home country.

Any time these two teams meet it is hard not to think of the game from 1980 more fondly known as the “Miracle on Ice” where a group of American misfits beat then team USSR in a match that was supposed to be a blowout. In years since that 1980 game, Russia has now seen the United States as a formidable opponent. And this Olympics, 24 years later, the biggest game of hockey in the world, the United Sates took the victory in a 3-2 win because of a magical goal scored by TJ Oshie and the incredible defense of Jonathan Quick.

The game between the United Sates and Russia will always be one of great competition, but this year, the United Sates was able to walk away with the win, and I for one am damn proud of my boys.




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