Bigger than the Game

After recently investing alot of time watching the MLB post season I’ve realized what an amazing sport I have been missing out on. Growing up I played baseball like your average american kid, but what I didn’t see over the veil of the homerun kings and webgems was the chess match that really goes between both teams. Baseball is an athletic game as much as it is a game of strategy. For over a hundred years managers, pitchers, batters, and baserunners have been staring  each other down trying to read what the next move will be. Because of this tension, and mind game that the players play while performing athletically sometimes the intensity of the game can be lost due to its slow pace according to many people these days. Personally I think the slowness of the game is something I’m missing in my fast paced life, and I think the rest of America could use aswell.

As I sit here with my smartphone blaring information at mebig papievery few seconds, social media notifications and tags begging for my attention I feel choked by my own sources of information and what I really need is to slow down and enjoy some good ole fashioned baseball with no interruptions. I want to keep my own pitch count, try to predict what pitch is coming next or when the manager is going to come out to making the next pitching change.

The lack of continuos action in baseball games has decreased the fare whether following and incidentally decreased the big name stars in baseball like you see in basketball, soccer, and football. Baseball players can be dominant, but without the rest of the team right behind them they will not succeed. When Lebron James decides he is going to take over a game he can do that, when Lionel Messi gets a hat trick and wins the game for his team he’s a superstar, when David Ortiz hits a grand slam all three of those runners had to get on base and they still have to come out the next inning and play good defense. Barcelona's Lionel Messi celebrates a goal

Alot of critics of baseball hate how baseball is so slow and boring. I think this is exactly what makes it great. Not the fact that its boring, which its not, really what is awesome is the fact that because the action is limited when there is action its so fast paced and intense it begs for you to be on the edge of your seat the whole game. At any moment the game could change completely. This anticipation really should be what makes this game so great and so classic. There are defining moments in every sport, but the thing about baseball is you never know what exactly you’re going to get next. The game could go from a routine win to a 15 inning shootout, and baseball being a game with no game clock really adds a different dynamic to the game.

No other team sport is quite like the game of baseball. In our society we can’t fathom devoting more than the allotted time on the game clock, because we have so much going on. When what we really need is to settle down and embrace the clockless game, indulge ourselves in the chess match playing out before us and cheer like maniacs when our team starts winning.

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