Bobo, Always the scapegoat?

During the University of Georgia’s Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo’s tenure, the offense has seen unheralded success on his side of the football, but when the Dawgs stumble against a foe, he seems to receive unwarranted blame.


As the quarterback at UGA, Mike Bobo led his team to a win in the 1997 Outback Bowl, in which he was deemed MVP. He also left his mark on the record books with many passing titles before his playing days were over. In 2006, Bobo was offered the chance of a lifetime. That opportunity was Offensive Coordinator/ Quarterback coach at his beloved alma mater, The University of Georgia. Since accepting this title, the Bulldogs have averaged over 30 points as well as gaining 350+ yards of total offense per game. Seeing those stats and knowing the history of the “Junkyard Dawg” defense UGA seemed to trot out there each year, it makes you wonder why this program never hoisted the Crystal Ball.

If Georgia fans and critics would take a step back and dig into the facts, they would see that the UGA offense is not the problem with their quest for greatness. During Bobo’s time in the booth, we have seen Willie Martinez’s squad disappoint, Todd Grantham’s group soar and then eventually crash and burn, and now the so-called “savior” Jeremy Pruitt was at a lost for words after his team was drug up and down the field in Columbia, South Carolina.

The fact of the matter is that if you are putting up the numbers that Bobo’s offense has and producing QB’s like number 1 overall pick Matthew Stafford and SEC record holding Aaron Murray the fault can ABSOLUTELY NOT be placed on the man behind this. Why not critique the much maligned Defensive Coordinators that haven’t produced a top defense in the conference since Brian Van Gorder.

I know that Mike Bobo can make you scratch your head at times, I get it, I really do, but to put the grunt of the blame on a man that is moving and scoring the football at a record pace is just downright asinine. There is nothing wrong with Mike Bobo, or the UGA offense, the focus needs to turn to the defensive side of the football and how we can bring that unit back to its former glory.




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