Boston Marathon remains Boston Strong

A day before the most anticipated Boston Marathon, the Boston Red Sox honored the survivors at the game April 20th, 2014 with this tweet:

Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 7.37.15 PM.png

“The Boston Marathon bombings did not create Boston Strong, it revealed Boston Strong,” Boston Athletic Association Director said. These words are the exact sentiment of how Bostonians are feeling less than 12 hours before the annual Boston Marathon event. April 15th, 2013 marked a horrific day in America as two bombs went off killing three people (later, a police officer as well) and injuring many in Boston. However these lives were not taken in vain as millions rallied after the families and those affected to show the resiliency that Americans can and will stand back up again. That day last year united the country in a way that was so beautiful, I could not help but cry. In wake of such tragedy, the country came together from every walk of life to all become “Boston Strong.” Bombing survivors underwent numerous and extensive surgeries, many having to live a new normal with prosthetic legs. However, this is not stopping them from returning to run in the Boston Marathon April 21st, 2014.

Boston Marathon race officials are expecting probably the largest turnout in history with 35, 660 official participants alone. Numerous supporters, families, and thousands of media will also be present at this year’s event, and extra security measures will be in place for the marathon. While the city was at complete standstill last year, it has made a huge turnaround, and runners and spectators are not staying at home in defeat this year. Tomorrow’s Boston Marathon will have eyes of millions across the globe witness a country who still remains strong and will continue to fight back against terrorism with dignity and honor.

Let’s go back to that treacherous day in 2013, when the world saw two bombs explode at one of the oldest running event in history. In class we learned that every event must have a crisis communication plan. Sometimes, things do not go according to plan, but it is imperative to have a crisis plan as a guideline to those who might need a reference to stay safe in emergencies. Crisis communication plans inform event attendees on where to go if there is an emergency, who to talk to, and answers important questions. I must say, the success of finding and capturing the terrorists, who planted those pressure cooker bombs at the marathon, came from the people of Boston. The Boston Police Department used Twitter as a source of disseminating quick, real-time information to people and also asked for tips in order to capture the suspected bombers. Crisis communication plans must integrate social media into their efforts to negate rumors, inform the public, and share content in order to raise awareness. Updates from Boston PD were instantaneous, so when they captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the world was immediately relieved. When a crisis happens, agencies have to come together to make sure they can send out accurate and comprehensive updates, so there is a lower risk of miscommunication and speculation that often occurs in a chaotic situation.

So, as we witness the annual Boston Marathon tomorrow, whether in person or on TV, we will notice increased security, but most importantly, the world will see a country standing “Boston Strong.”




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