I wrote about Peyton Manning and the possibility of a team change weeks ago. I speculated that that he would take his talents to the Miami Dolphins. I hoped he would stay with the Indianapolis Colts, but I was doubtful he would remain even to claim his sizeable bonus. I was a little wrong and a little right.
My Blog Post:
Until recently, this was all talk, but now, we are looking at the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos. For anyone who missed this last season of NFL football, this is also the team of Tim Tebow. Tebow is known for his firm Christian beliefs and the world does not let it slip under the turf. The famed virgin quarterback (why this is important, I will never know) is headed to the Big Apple where he will wear the green and white of the New York Jets. Yes, Tim Tebow is taking New York. Twitter has a lot to say about his move.
Read about Twitter’s reaction to Tebow here: (March 22, 2012)
Tim Tebow gave his first press conference in New York and was really excited to be there. The last part of that sentence seems a little off in a blog post written by a senior at the University of Georgia with a major in public relations (almost!). But Tebow said it, not me. In fact, he said it over 40 times in the course of that press conference.
Count for yourself:
Mostly, people do not think that Denver is going be struck by lightning or devoured by locusts for casting out Tim Tebow to the heathen streets of New York. Some people are getting a little upset and calling upon the heavenly hosts to smite John Elway, but for the most part, Broncos fans and even Christians are taking the change very well.
Why, though? Why do the people of Denver sleep in peace while Tebow practices with the Jets? Why do the Jets just shrug their shoulders with the arrival of the holiest quarterback to ever grace professional sports with his anointed presence? Because it’s Payton Manning.
Tebow was always a back-up quarterback with really talented receivers. He never really nailed down a win from the beginning. The hype surrounding the Broncos during the 2011 season came from those few wins in the final seconds where a receiver made a miraculous catch.
Still pretty cool: (also, against the Jets)
Payton Manning, however, has proved himself a talented starting quarterback since his time with the University of Tennessee. He is also a moral guy and much less in-your-face about it. We rarely hear stories about Payton Manning flipping over Gatorade coolers on the sidelines and having extra-marital relationships. The Broncos did not sign Michael Vick. They signed goofy and loveable Payton Manning.
If Manning is the metaphorical Barabbas, no one is truly upset over the loss of Tebow and maybe they will be kicking themselves later if the Jets win the Super Bowl in the next few years. This could be a repeat of the Atlanta Falcons and Brett Favre. In reality, though, Manning might actually save a few games before the last two minutes or even the second half.
Quick Christian History Lesson: Barabbas
More on Brett Favre and the Falcons:
The fans of Denver will most likely welcome pestilence and rocky soil to till if it means Payton Manning over Tim Tebow. The people of Denver will most likely see no epidemics or swarms of insects. As for rocky soil, the Rocky Mountains are a part of Colorado so they already deal with rocks. Plus, the people of Colorado already have the Colorado Rockies who have given them plenty of experience in disappointment.
As for New York, they have been hit pretty hard with evangelistic athletes. Jeremy Lin recently blew the nation away with his story, and of course, he is a Christian, too. They have been exposed to the religious beliefs of one outstanding athlete so they should be able to adjust the same beliefs of another decent athlete. Tebow is a talented athlete, I cannot dismiss that. The majority of his popularity stems from his beliefs while Lin’s fame originated with his talent as an athlete. We seem to prefer that in Christian athletes.
I do not think that Payton Manning was a bad move for the Broncos. Based on his history as an athlete, he is the obvious choice in regards to Tebow. The biggest concern with the new Broncos quarterback is his recent injury to his neck. He could retire or hurt himself again beyond repair. It is impossible to say because no one really knows. Manning has been cleared to play the 2012 NFL season and has been working-out with the team.
Read more about his triumphant entry here:–nfl.html
Denver also has other key players. They just resigned Wide Receiver Brandon Stokley who made a memorable catch with the Broncos against the Cincinnati Bengals. He also just happens to be a close friend of Manning’s.
Watch Stokley’s catch here:

They also will still have Kicker Matt Prater on the field who kicked a 59-yard field goal to win against the Chicago Bears during the playoffs and also led the Broncos to a few victories from behind. The Broncos love Prater so much that they placed the franchise tag on him to “ensure that he will be a Bronco in 2012,” Executive John Elway said to Associated Press.
Read more about Matt Prater:
The Broncos are going to be okay. They will not crumble at the loss of Tebow, and the Jets will probably be about the same with Tebow’s move to the city. Payton Manning will be a blessing the Broncos organization not a curse. We all know God is a baseball fan.

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