Celebrity On and Off the Field

ncf_g_toddgurley_ms_288x162A celebrity on the field but an even bigger attraction off, Todd Gurley is scheduled to make his first appearance back on the field this coming Saturday for the Georgia verses Auburn game after being out for the last four games. After receiving over $3000.00 for autographed memorabilia during the last two years it was finally brought to the attention of the NCAA who then suspended Gurley for a period of time until finally being brought back this weekend. Since being suspended Gurley’s position was then filled by Nick Chubb who has by far proven worthy of that position, however it has now been stated by Coach Richt that Gurley will be the starting as tailback again this Saturday between the hedges. After the accusations made public against Gurley many were worried about the future of UGA football and this young man’s future, many believed that after breaking laws such as these that he may never play again, yet here he is being allowed back on the field. Are the rules and regulations created in a manner that is fair and just for the players or are they set up so that the Universities benefit from their players the most. This question along with several other football rules are in the spotlight of discussion amongst fans, sponsors, team players and coaches.

With rules and guidelines in place to protect the players and schools one would think that they would hold true to the original set, however with the negative attention that football has received at the college and professional level we start to question whether it is the players or if the regulations are too strict. Once hearing what chargers were placed against Gurley and the reasoning behind him not being allowed to play for a month fans of the sport began to question the validity of such rules that are in place, it is in the fact name of that player that bring so much profit to the schools by individuals buying merchandise with their name on it and it is also those same players that bring the fans to the stands, so many question why these same players can’t benefit from the name they have made for themselves. Gurley is far from being the only player to take advantage of people offering money for them to sign paraphernalia, and my reasoning would be that these are college athletes that have no guaranteed promise of a career in the NFL, if the fans of the sport is willing to pay these players money what’s to stop the players from benefiting. I feel that if this were the case then an entirely different set of rules would have to be put in place but none that would hinder that students career on and off the field.

College football is thrived upon throughout the nation as being one of our favorite pastimes, we are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to travel and watch these players preform while colleges are reaping the benefits greatly, why shouldn’t the players be able to work hard and see benefits from their efforts. With rules and regulations comes the possibility of someone breaking the rules, many have done it in the past and some will continue to do it since they see what their consequence could be, a few games on the bench and then back on the field. Rules are there for a reason, we just question the reasoning behind some more than we do others.



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