Coca-Cola’s Leading the Way

Every year turns out to be a contest for who can create the best Super Bowl commercial. Some companies, like Doritos, like to involve their consumers. E-trade prefers to get creative with talking babies in order to win this popularity contest.

This year, Coca-Cola is changing up the game. Not only are they going for the creativity prize, they are also winning in innovation.

Coca-Cola purchased two ad spots during this year’s Super Bowl, one in the first quarter and one in the second. The first spot is titled “Superstition,” according to an article in the Sports Business Journal. Both spots feature the two polar bears that will be starring throughout this year’s Super Bowl campaign. During the first spot, one bear is seen sitting awkwardly with crunched toes; trying to help his team win, while the other bear is helping him drink a Coke.

The second spot will be one that coincides with what is happening during the game. It will feature the same two polar bears, but the content of the commercial will be based upon which team is in the lead. One possible commercial can be seen here. It is designed to mimic a scoring touchdown in an actual football game, but the football is a coke bottle and the defenders are other polar bears.

The bears will be cheering for opposite teams, one for the Giants and one for the Patriots and each bear will have a scarf displaying the team’s colors.

In order to provide this real-time commercial, Coca-Cola produced two different spots to be aired in the second quarter. According to an article in AdAge, in order to make this new way of advertising during the Super Bowl feasible, Coca-Cola will have execs on site at NBC during the Super Bowl.

In addition to the real-time TV spot, there will be a website,, where the bears will be interacting with the game. They will be watching the game and sharing reactions to what’s happening during the game and commercials. The only place the bears will have voices is on Twitter and Facebook. AdAge says that the voices were created to be charming yet cheeky. The bears will be shown on the website tweeting about the game, the commercials, and halftime.

To wrap up the entire event, Coca-Cola has also purchased a spot on EPSN after the game. There are also two possible versions of this spot, determined by the outcome of the game. The last spot is called “Argh,” and features the losing polar bear hanging its head in frustration.


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