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The Dawgs saw a bit of a blunder beginning two weekends ago when we were in enemy territory at the University of Tennessee. It had appeared that Tennessee had more than just “volunteered” to play a football game, but rather came out to take down our best players as well. To add on to the growing list of injured players, Tennessee added Keith Marshall, Michael Bennett, and Justin-Scott Wesley to the list. Both Keith Marshall and Justin-Scott Wesley suffered ACL injuries and are unfortunately out for the rest of the season. Michael Bennett tore his meniscus, but news that he will return this season have lifted hearts once more. After a close win in overtime, the final score of 34-31 was not what many had expected. UGA was predicted to have a blow out against the Volunteers with a predicted final score of 42-14, Georgia. After this game, we dropped from 6th to 7th in the AP poll.

            We knew Missouri was going to be tough competition for us. Being an undefeated team, Mizzou wouldn’t want to break their winning streak. We thought we had the advantage however, with having this game at home. Wrong. Nothing good came out of this game. The final score is one that would be expected from an Alabama vs. Georgia Southern game, not a UGA game at all. With a final score of 41-26, Georgia fell 8 spots in the AP poll, while then number 25 Missouri moved all the way up to 14. This loss meant more than a first SEC loss of the season, but that UGA is no longer in control of their destiny. The fact that UGA was considered a favorite to win the SEC and make it to the National Championship game after the incredible game against LSU and this hope has diminished, leaves many people heartbroken.

            This too does not help Aaron Murray in his “Heisman watch” predicament either. Murray found himself being of much hype after successfully leading the Dawgs to wins against LSU and Tennessee.  But how quickly this can change. After throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble for a touch-down this past weekend against Mizzou, some have changed their perspectives on this. In other news, Todd Gurley who suffered an ankle sprain at an earlier game, will be returning back on the field very soon. Rather than putting an “almost” perfectly healed Gurley back in the game, coaches have determined they want him 100% better before he steps foot back in the line of play. When asked about Gurley’s return, Richt responded with, “’I’ll say this: He’s close. He’s real close.” With their sights still set on the SEC championship, the Dawgs can finish the season out strong and still come home with the Southeastern Conference title.





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