Does Roger Federer Still Have It In Him?

When you think of the classiest, most persistent and most iconic tennis player of the century, most would instantly think of Roger Federer; the legend. Federer is the Sports Illustrated #1 Top Men’s Tennis Player of all time. He has dominated the men’s tennis game like no other. Winning 17 Grand Slams and holding onto the number one ranking for a record of 237 straight weeks, nobody can quite compare to the champion, Roger Federer. His devotion to the game and incredible sportsmanship has made him one of tennis fan’s favorite and most respected players.
Roger_Federer6_tbfThe tennis talk recently has been all about Roger Federer. Does he still have it in him, can he come back after facing a back injury, can he still compete with the top players and win the big Grand Slams? Last Spring Federer was forced to take a seven-week break to rehabilitate a back injury. Fortunately enough, Roger Federer has remained injury free for the majority of his career so taking off time to heal is something he simply is not use to. After Wimbledon, he re-injured his back and found himself questioning everything. “I had some doubts at certain times,” he said. ”But, overall, I knew that it can’t be that I will feel this way forever, so it was just important to stay patient and wait. That’s the most difficult thing to do. I haven’t had it very often in my career. That’s why it was somewhat new for me.” At this point, there’s talk about if he would ever regain his strength and recover fully to the tennis player he once was. Rumors of retirement spread, however, Federer did not listen to any negative remarks, in fact, it just motivated him to work harder.
After a long seven-weeks off, Roger Federer knew he had to make some pivotal changes to reclaim his reputation. He quickly hired a new part-time coach, incorporated a serve and volley tactic, changed racquets, and most importantly, became strong and healthy. Federer’s game, serve, volleys, shot-selection, and finesse are one of a kind. His serve and forehand are said to be the greatest in the game. Federer’s clean strokes and precise shot selection makes tennis look so beautiful and effortless.
Starting 2014 off on a good note, Federer has competed in numerous tournaments and has landed a spot in the semi-finals or finals each appearance. He is more motivated than ever to regain that number one spot and take down other top players such as Nadal, Djokovic, Wawrinka, and Ferrer. Even if he is currently the number five player in the world, nothing is stopping him from getting back into his groove. A big part of tennis is mental toughness. You have to have the desire and motivation to be the best of your ability and win the big matches. Federer is mentally stronger than ever and ready to face any challenges that he comes across. He has been playing extraordinary tennis and you can tell the real Federer that we all know and love is back! Despite all of the talk and rumors, our favorite tennis player is not going anywhere, he’s back and ready to add a few more Grand Slam trophies to his collection!


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