Donovan’s Last Game

Landon Donovan is a US soccer legend.  He is the top scorer (57) and is top of the charts in assists.  He will go down as the best American soccer player in history.

At the age of 32, Donovan has decided to retire.  Many believe that he has a few more years left in the tank, but only an athlete knows when he or she is finished.  Maybe he isn’t retiring for health reasons.  Maybe he is retiring for personal reasons, to pursue other endeavors.  Only he knows, but one thing is for sure, he will leave a great career that most athletes only dream of having.  In fifteen years he has made a mark over seas playing for teams like Bayern Munich and Everton FC, won 6 MLS cups, scored more goals than any other MLS player (138), won the US soccer athlete of the year 4 times, helped the US team reach the knock out stages of the World Cup twice, and much more.  Great players have talent, but legends win wherever they go, and Donovan won.


After scoring to famous goal against Algeria to send the US through in the 2010 WC

On Sunday Dec 7th, he will play his last game, the MLS cup finals (basically the Super Bowl of the MLS).  He was left off the most recent world cup squad by the coach Jurgen Klinnsman.  This came as a surprise to most because Donovan is still one of the most productive players in the US’ arsenal.  He may not be as explosive as he once was, but he has experience and playmaking to ability to win games.  Personally, I believe that the team would have gone much further if he were to have been on the team.  But putting all of that behind him, he will look to go out with a bang.  If he were to win, that would be the perfect end to a great career.  To go out as a champion, if only Jeter could have said the same.  Especially after the snub from the 2014 world cup squad, winning the biggest prize in domestic US soccer would be the cherry on top.


But I said before that he does have some more years left to play.  David Beckham, a former teammate, played until he was 38, maintaining a top level that whole time.  Brett Favre continually announced his retirement at the end of the season only to come back and play one more.  So who knows?  He could decide to play a few more seasons as that day draws ever closer.  I would love to see him continue playing because he is a hero of sorts to me.  He inspired me to pick up a soccer ball in the first place, and now soccer is my passion.  But ultimately that decision is his to make.  Seeing the career of a great come to a halt is hard to see, but looking back at all the great things he accomplished will make the blow a little easier to take.



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