Draft Day Impacts NFL

The NFL has partnered with Summit Entertainment, a production company that has taken on a new and exciting challenge. They have created a film that uses several real NFL stars and key people in the organization. The promotion of this new movie could not have been executed better. The leads of the film held a press conference that occurred two days before the Super Bowl. The cross over between the movie and the real life event is something that fans have not experienced to this magnitude. It has been tied in with everything related to the NFL, and slightly gives the sense of a documentary because of the familiar faces shown from around the organization. The plot of the movie focuses on the key hours leading up to the NFL draft, and keys in on the Cleveland Browns and their search for a quarterback. A major sense of realness to this film is attributed to scenes that were shot at the actual 2013 draft. The target market for this film is without a doubt NFL fans. Promotion is executed to them on all forms of social media, including websites owned and operated by the NFL. The purpose of the film is to give fans an extreme hands-on experience into the way the draft is run, how trades are made, and things of that nature. The NFL has attempted to do similar things during the regular season this past year. There were cameras in locker rooms at half time, and lucky fans were allowed in the locker room for pregame. The inclusion of the fan into the inner workings of the NFL as an organization is what’s going to continue to boost interest and support. This movie is only going to promote the NFL fan’s experience and give them an inside look on one of the most important days of the year for their team. At least 25 NFL teams are set to have screenings of the film to promote it to their target fans. Most every team is going to be able to take advantage of this in some way and have their fans be interested in the movie. An extremely inspiring screening of the movie was shown to the Florida State football team the night before they played for the National Championship. We can only assume that the film inspired every one of the Seminoles and led them to victory that very next night. However, one team that passed on the chance to be apart of the film was the New York Jets. The actual movie’s drama takes place when the Jets trade their first round pick to the Browns, and the Browns end up drafting an exceptional quarterback. The Jets felt that it would not be in the best interest of their organization to highlight their own quarterback problem currently under way. An interesting rumor floating around pertains to the fictional quarterback in the movie, and his likeness to Johnny Manziel. Some say that he will be the Brown’s pick in the upcoming 2014 draft, and that the movie is foreshadowing this highly anticipated event. Regardless of the truthfulness, the movie is sure to create a buzz all around the NFL.


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