Ending a 76 Year Long Drough






By: Kelsey Resetar


The Grand Slam win that Andy Murray has long been awaiting has finally happened.  Monday night, Andy Murray defeated No. 3 ranked Djokovic, three sets to two, making it the first time a British man won a Grand Slam singles championship in 76 years.  The match between Murray and Djokovic lasted almost 5 hours tying the record for the longest US Open final.

Murray started the game off strong by winning the first set 7-6 and the second set 7-5.  It appeared that Murray might make the championship a quick game but leave it to the world’s No. 2 ranked player to put up a strong fight.  Novak Djokovic made a comeback in the third and fourth set leaving it to a final fifth set to determine the  overall winner.  Both men won big points, some points lasting more than 50 strokes.  Neither player was about to back down and hand the trophy to the other easily.  After winning, Murray described the win as a huge relief.

Had Murray given up his two set lead and lost, he would have been the first one since 1949 to blow a two set lead. Murray said “I’m very happy that I managed to come through because if I had lost this one from two sets up, that would have been a tough one to take.”

Andy Murray truly is a champion after overcoming the obstacles in this match.  Aside from strong, gusty winds forcing tough play, the players also suffered from exhaustion from the 4 hour and 54 minute long match.  The first set alone took almost an hour and a half (nearly a third of the total game time) and ended in a 22-point tie breaker.  In the second set, Murray had a 4-0 lead that he let slip from him, but was able to reclaim to take a two set lead over Djokovic.  Djokovic came back to win the third and fourth set leaving Murray anxious.  Djokovic experienced some strain in his legs and groin pain making it harder for him to claim the victory.  Murray fought hard through the fatigue and pain from the game and claimed his first Grand Slam win.

While Murray has many wins under his belt, he has yet to win a Grand Slam championship.  Just weeks ago he won the gold medal in the Olympics, defeating No. 1 ranked Roger Federer.  However, despite this great achievement, without a Grand Slam win, his credibility was subject to questioning.  He was only one of two men since 1968 to lose their first four Grand Slam finals.  Winning this match will move him up to the No. 3 rank worldwide.  He will be behind No.1 ranked Roger Federer and No.2 ranked Novak Djokovic.  This match proved the strength and stamina of both of the men.  Each player had nothing but nice things to say about the other.  Djokovic, when speaking about Murray’s win said, “He deserved to win this Grand Slam more than anybody.”  Meanwhile Murray said “”Novak is so, so strong. He fights until the end in every single match.”

Andy Murray won the US Open final 7-6, 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2.




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