Famous Jameis’ Juggle Between Two Sports

The Heisman Trophy winner and National Champion is taking some of his time away from the football field to give some attention to the baseball diamond. Jameis Winston is only the second player in history to win the prestigious award while also playing baseball. The last to do this was the iconic Bo Jackson. Being from the same city as Jackon, Winston considers it a huge honor to be able to follow in his footsteps.
While he is on the baseball team for the spring, his football is never too far away. While in the dugout, Winston uses the football to keep his hands busy and “stay loose” before he is ready to approach the mound. His teammates don’t seem to be offended by it and even catch a few passes thrown their way. Spring Training also keeps football are the forefront of his mind. Having to switch gears this spring at a unconventional pace has set him back from baseball but he is trying his hardest to stay ahead of the game. Instead of starting training in October like the rest of his team, Winston was busy defending an undefeated record as the starting quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles. Currently, he is not batting but he hopes to in the future since he does not have to fight for a spot on the starting line up this year.
When asked what his favorite of the two is, Winston can’t seem to pick just one. He has a love and passion for both of the sports and will continue to play both as time permits. Currently, he is getting ready to play against the Yankees and is excited about the opportunities that it will present. Not only will he be starstruck, but he will play whatever position is needed just to be out there on the field.

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