Fearless Teen Defends Social Justice

This past week, history was made in the state of Pennsylvania.

While decades ago, individuals fought fearlessly and ruthlessly for equal rights for all peoples, there are many who have yet to receive these privileges. For example, in the Line Mountain School District in Herndon, PA, girls have been unable to compete in a co-ed wrestling league once they reach the 7th grade. This rule was not questioned before this past week. That was when thirteen-year-old Audriana Beattie​ was told she would no longer able to participate in the sport she loved.

At age 13, all you want to do is be good at something. Middle school is an awkward time anyways, and for Audriana, she found something that made her feel good and her school district was threatening to take that away from her because she had a “competitive disadvantage” in comparison to the boys she would be competing against.

Her family had a lot to say about this. They filed complaints as well as restraining order. One day down the line, a judge came across the case who completely understood where the family was coming from, forcing the school district to comply with the Beatties.

Audriana and the Beattie family won the case, and Audriana has become a vital part of history, continuing the American way of standing up for social justice and truly what she believes in.

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