Florida State: A University of Corruption

Florida State has made headlines over the past couple of years for several reasons, some great and others not so great. FSU won a national championship, had their quarterback, Jameis Winston win a Heisman trophy, and have continued to pull out close wins against key teams like Clemson and Notre Dame to push their winning streak to 23 games. Nothing seems to bring this powerhouse down, despite losing their number one spot in the AP Top 25 Poll to Mississippi State. However, they closely follow behind in the number two spot and it’s only a matter of time before they regain they’re beloved top placement again.
Unfortunately, the bad seems to outweigh the good and their kingdom in Tallahassee may be on the verge of shattering into a million little pieces.
Jameis Winston has certainly been the center of attention when it comes to issues at Florida State. In 2012, he was accused of raping a female student at FSU and his teammates supposedly took videos of it but later deleted them. In his court hearing in January of 2013, it was decided that there was not enough evidence to prosecute him, however his friends involved were charged. Winston continued to play through everything that was going on with the allegations, allowing him to win a national championship. On top of that, he was voted as the 2103 Heisman winner. He became the youngest winner as he accepted his award humbly after proven not guilty. Many people were in shock and did not necessarily agree with the decision. This only began the disruption that Winston would cause.
In April 2014, Winston stole several crab legs and crawfish from a Publix grocery store. To any other citizen, this would be a probable cause for arrest. But, because he is a star in Tallahassee, the police let him off with a citation and community service. The baseball team finally took action and unlike the football team, suspended him for a small amount of games.
The police in Tallahassee have created their own issues for the university. Winston and other members of the FSU football team partook in a BB gun battle that caused $4,000 dollars in damage but no charges were filed about the incident. A FSU football player was reported to have committed domestic violence, another player stole a scooter, two players including Winston were reported to have been carrying a pistol, and several other BB gun battles have taken place and caused damage. What do all of those mishaps have in common? No charges were filed against any of the suspects simply because they were FSU football players. These reports have all occurred through the rise of FSU since 2012 and are continuing to occur.
What makes these police so loyal to the university? Most of the officers direct traffic, provide security, and offer other services during game days. They also have shown their support for the team through social media so it is no surprise that they want their team to be shown in the best possible light. It’s a matter of time before those officers are questioned and lose their jobs for not acting properly in their position of power.
Recently, Winston sat out during the game against Clemson after he was seen and recorded by students yelling obscenities in the student union. He was originally only going to have to sit out for the first half of the game but it was determined that Winston did not tell the truth about the incident and was forced to sit the entire game.
Shortly after Todd Gurley was accused of selling autographs, Winston faced similar accusations. The University of Georgia decided to suspend Gurley indefinitely as they investigated the accusations, but FSU has not taken quite the same path and allowed Winston to play in the game against Notre Dame. This has caused discrepancy among fans, especially those who support UGA. Jimbo Fisher, head coach of FSU, believes that Winston is telling the truth regarding not accepting money for signing autographs (despite his untruthful ways in the past) and will continue to let him play until there is evidence to prove him wrong.
FSU exists in a bubble where no one can do wrong and nothing bad can stop them from continuing to play their game. The police system is corrupt, athletes are untruthful, the coaching staff is naïve, and the university failed to follow through with an investigation that was supposed to have taken place several months ago. However, the light is finally being shed on the issues at hand and it is only a matter of time before the bubble is popped and FSU’s world is rocked. Who knows, maybe there are even more accusations that will arise and completely cause their downfall.

Refer to this article from the New York Times for more in depth information and to look at their investigations of FSU: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/12/us/florida-state-football-casts-shadow-over-tallahassee-justice.html

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