Former UGA Player Fights to Come Back…Again

Former University of Georgia defensive star Thomas Davis is attempting to come back from a third torn ACL on the same knee.  After going down in the Panther’s second game of this past season against Green Bay, almost every fan along with Davis himself believed that the star linebacker’s career was over.  In the article from the Charlotte Observer, Davis reportedly called teammate Jon Beason, who also suffered a season ending injury in Week 1, the day after the injury occurred and told him his career was over (Thomas Davis’ Rehab).  Beason told Thomas Davis to take some time and think about such an important decision and eventually convinced his good friend and teammate that they could fight their way back to the playing field together.  That being said, Davis is now in the process of rehabbing his knee for the third time in a little over two years.  If he can make it back to the team, he would be the first NFL player ever to come back from three ACL injuries to the same knee.

Photo from Charlotte Observer

The Carolina Panthers have now found themselves with a tough situation when it comes to Thomas Davis and his contract.  Carolina loves Davis and the linebacker feels the same about the only NFL team he has ever played for.  The problem is that Davis received a new contract before this past season in which he is due an $8 million bonus on March 14.  Most people around the organization believe the club will cut Davis and then resign him to a new structured contract.  This makes a lot more sense and seems like the smarter plan for the team since it could avoid paying the bonus.  The Panthers are a completely different team with Davis and Beason on the field and the hope is that they both can return next season.


I do believe and hope Thomas Davis will return next season and I speak for almost every Panthers fan when I say that.  Every article you read about the man emphasizes how nice of a person he is around the locker room and throughout the community.  He even returned to the University of Georgia this past summer to earn his final credits and his degree.  He also had four solid seasons with Carolina before suffering his three ACL injuries in the past two seasons (Career Stats).  The Panthers had one of the better offenses in the league this past season after selecting Cam Newton and if the defense can be improved this offseason, then there is every reason to believe they can compete for a Super Bowl title in a year.  The big deciding factor for the Carolina defense will be the health of both Jon Beason and Thomas Davis and whether they can return to full strength on the playing field.  In a division that is as tough as the NFC South, I believe that the team with the best defense will end up bringing home the trophy.  I wish all of the best for Thomas Davis and his path back to football and truly believe he will inspire all kinds of people around the sport after he completes his comeback.

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