Game Days in the SEC

This is the trailer to a Documentary about SEC Football called Pigskin & Magnolias.

I want to see the whole documentary soon! One of my fellow classmates in Sports Promotions, cchanson, showed me this trailer recently, and it seems so authentic of the SEC football experience. I’m a college football fan, but my love for the Dawgs and the sport goes beyond just the game. SEC football is deep-rooted in traditions. Dressing up, tailgating, loving to hate rivals, extreme fans – what’s not to love? Experiencing a game day in the SEC is unlike anything else I can imagine. My friends call Georgia-Florida weekend “Christmas in October,” and I pride myself on my perfect attendance over the past four years to all of the home games at Sanford Stadium (and quite a few on the road) throughout my college career.

Knowing that I wanted to study advertising and that the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication was a good place to do it certainly influenced my college choice, but I’m not going to act like I wasn’t thrilled knowing my team was ranked #1 going into the Fall 2008 season when I’d be starting school. If you weren’t lucky enough to go to an SEC school, you should put attending a SEC game on your bucket list!


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