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Something I’ve notice being here at the University of Georgia are the phenomenal hype videos that are produced to pump up the bulldog community prior and through the football season. Technology today allows sports to relate to their followers in a variety of different ways; through the many social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect., online articles posted to sport related websites, and of course newspapers, television, and radio. A tactic that has become popular is through these hype videos that serve as a promotional reel of short clips to inspire fans. The videos share a glimpse of the sport, season, team, or game that the fans are waiting eagerly to cheer on.

An article from Sports on Earth provides a great explanation for the purpose for these hype videos.

A hype video, at its best, does two things:

1. Evoke the emotional experience of either attending a game or watching it on television, to inspire you to remember this team/game/sport that has been gone for a while now and is returning again.

2. To make you want to punch the air and jump up and down high-fiving random items in your cubicle.

The same Sports on Earth article wrote, “Here’s a very good one for Georgia football that makes this season-ticket holder want to sprint out to Sanford Stadium right now, strip off my clothes and start tackling goalposts.”


The video above currently has 121K views. The University of Georgia hype videos provide great exposure for the Georgia Bulldog football with the videos racking up almost 3 million views combined. Georgia’s brilliantly produced videos caught the eye of many and stand out as some of the best.

In an article on Bleacher Report by Nick Dimengo from February 28, 2015, Georgia Bulldog hype video “We Are One” was included in a list of Best Recent Sport Hype Videos. The list included NBA teams, United States Men’s National Soccer team, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao boxing battle, MLB teams, LeBron James “Coming Home” to Cleveland, and much more.


I wanted to get the options of fellow students and other Georgia Bulldog fans of the hype videos. I read many of the comment and asked friends and classmates what they thought about the videos.

Here were some of the results:


“As a former player, that is inspiring….makes one want to strap on the red hat one more time! 
GO DAWGS!!!!!”

“I’m a huge Tech fan and hate UGA with a fiery passion, but all the work on this channel is absolutely incredible, mind-blowing creative and these are the best overall sports hype/buildup videos I’ve ever encountered, sincerest props to whoever does the work on these, much respect.”

“Love these videos. My dad and I always watch these to get fired up for the upcoming season or game.”


“ I always look forward to a new video. They get me so excited for the football season!”

“ I watch them over and over again.”

The videos created are not only used for Internet sharing, but they are also played throughout the games. Many times cut down in a certain way for timing or flow concerns.  The atmosphere, excitement and spirit they can generate are incredible to be a part of. Whether it is standing in Sanford Stadium with 92,746 other crazy bulldog fans or just you alone watching from your laptop, these videos are guaranteed to get you hyped for Georgia Football.

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