Glory Glory to Ole Gurley


With the return of the star tailback Todd Gurley, Mark Richt will face the crisis of whether to play him over the several freshmen tailbacks that have stepped up their game the past several weeks. Gurley was suspended for receiving $3000.00 for autographed memorabilia over the last two years as a player for the University of Georgia. While not only breaking NCAA rules and the athletic rules of the University of Georgia, Gurley let down an entire Bulldog family and a nation of football fans. Known as the leader of the Georgia Bulldogs, and held to such high standards, Gurley’s small mistake can cause so many doubts and so many to think less of him.
Mark Richt faces the crisis of pleasing the Georgia fan base and playing Todd Gurley or allowing the freshman, Nick Chubb, to continue his outstanding performances in rushing yards. Chubb ran for 170 yards and a touchdown against Kentucky. This was Chubb’s fourth consistent game running for over 143 yards rushing. Throughout Gurley’s suspension Chubb’s has made several comments to media that he is only “filling in” for Todd Gurley during his absence and is actually quite excited for his return to the field. With the support of his teammates and the fan base, will Todd Gurley be starting tailback for the Auburn game? Will Gurley returning make a huge difference for the Bulldogs considering their success while he was absent?
The decision may seem to be simple, play Gurley, but what would that say about Mark Richt and the coaches of UGA? Did Todd Gurley spend enough time away from the game and learn his lesson about breaking rules for such little money? With Gurley having such a high social media presence, the latest news is that the Bulldog family is proud and excited to have Gurley back in the game. The slogan “welcome home” or “I’m coming home” has been widely used throughout Gurley’s return. In reality, Gurley is returning to the Bulldog family and his home of Sanford Stadium. Richt seems to be set on Gurley starting against Auburn allowing the depth of the tailback position to be returned. Richt has announced the depth chart and Gurley is starting as of this week.
Despite Gurley’s absence, he has still maintained a ranking of 9th in the SEC with 773 yards rushing. He has been absent four games and his return will hopefully bring him into a position where he can still be an eligible Heisman Trophy Recipient. His hard work and work ethic and performance on the field is what makes Gurley so great and stand out from other athletes. His ability to come back stronger then ever after his injury last year proved he has the motivation to be a winner. We will see his ability to recover after a long absence, despite an injury, when he returns Saturday to compete against the Auburn Tigers. When all is said and done, Gurley is back and what that means for the University of Georgia is up in the air. But for Gurley all we can say is welcome home.


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