Golden is No Longer Golden


It’s no surprise that after a 58-0 loss, the Miami Hurricanes need to reassess what they’re doing on the field. After all, this loss was the worst in all history of Miami football, so it’s easy to say Clemson destroyed this team, literally and figuratively. With that being said, a huge reassessment came about when the Hurricane’s announced on Sunday they would be firing their coach, Al Golden.

Golden’s record in his last 26 games as the coach at University of Miami is 12-14, nothing too spectacular. More importantly though is that 11 of those games were loses in the double digits!

Maybe Golden being at Miami was just a bad fit, but a change is definitely what was needed if this team wants to see a difference in their scoring record. Maybe Golden has an opportunity to flourish at the University of Southern California, I mean after all he has managed to at least show up to games and practice sober, which is more than we can say for USC’s former coach. We could even see Golden take over at the University of South Carolina, but only time will tell.

Will either of these potential jobs be better than Miami? Let’s compare to South Carolina. I mean after all, Miami does have the best recruiting base in the country and has won five national titles over several years. South Carolina only has one conference title, so over all the appeal seems to be less than that of Miami. South Carolina does pay significantly more than Miami does, and they have nicer facilities, so in the mean time, it’s a game of waiting for Coach Golden while he waits (and HOPES) that new offers come in after the catastrophe of a game this past weekend.

What about the future of Miami? The players are left without a head coach, mid season. Who has the greatest potential and drive to take over a team that has less appeal than the University of Central Florida… Who ever thought that one would happen?

Perhaps the number one candidate for the job will be Mario Cristobal, the man who leads Alabama’s Offensive Line. He’s learned under Nick Saban, and he has been named Recruiter of the Year, so he’s got a pretty good background, and seems to be qualified. He’s helped turn Rutgers around, and has deep ties to Florida, so over all he would probably be the best addition.

Only time will tell what Miami’s Athletic Director, Blake James will choose to do. Perhaps what’s most interesting is that Blake James stated after the game against Clemson that he wasn’t going to make any quick decisions about the fate of the Hurricanes coach. However, Golden was let go within twenty-four hours of that statement being made.

Either Blake James doesn’t know how timing works, or this has been a long time in the making, but either way the fate of the Miami Hurricanes is up in the air. For the players, other coaches, and fans, it can really only go up from here.

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