Has Gurley lost all chances of the Heisman?

Has Gurley lost all chances of the Heisman?

Just a month ago, Todd Gurley seemed as if he was on top of the world. A third year student athlete at the University of Georgia and a running back for the football team, Gurley held the league lead in yardage…by a lot. He seemed invincible, just watch any game tape and you’ll notice the fluidness of his every step. Gurley became a hero on the UGA campus and gave the University a glimpse of an SEC championship possibility. Georgia has been close to holding an SEC champion title, but has always lost it in the final moments of extremely close games pre-championship. In 2012, Georgia’s final moments against Alabama were heart wrenching; if you’re a true “dawg” you understand the frustration felt in the final second of that game.

Focusing back on today, Gurley has truly blazed a trail in the small college town of Athens. Many have speculated that he is the top candidate for the Heisman this year and few have refuted that thought. His name has been plastered across several news headlines, newspapers, jerseys, t-shirts…you name it.

Then, October 9th, 2014 happened. The Bulldawg world was shaken, as news that Gurley was indefinitely suspended echoed through out all forms of social media. The cause of his suspension? Selling autographed items. The amount of money that Gurley received remains unknown until the NCAA clears Georgia’s findings, but one thing is for sure, and that is that Todd Gurley’s reputation is forever wrinkled.

Gurley still carries a good reputation, however. It isn’t completely tarnished. Just look at other players in the league who are suspended or currently under a microscope…the accusations against them are much more extreme and much, much more severe. Todd Gurley’s “charge” if you will does not question his morals, if you ask me. Many of these football players come from very humble upbringings, and when you have talent such as Gurley does- along with fame- it’s easy to lose your head in the clouds. Personally, I believe the whole accusation is a little sketchy. Yes, I am an obvious bulldawgs fan so my opinion may seem biased to some…but isn’t it odd that the accuser just so happened to have video of the signings?

A video of the debate concerning Gurley’s Heisman chances can be viewed here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2240596-can-georgia-rb-todd-gurley-still-win-the-heisman

Bryan Allen, the man who came out weeks ago saying he possessed a video of the young football player, was looking for easy money. What did he get instead? Hatred from the entire bulldawg nation. It seems to me that Gurley was set up for this. Yes, it takes two to tango and Gurley did own up to his part in this…but I feel that this “path” seemed to have been paved prematurely for him. Contrary to this thought, Allen’s attorney made this statement, “ ‘He thinks he ought to be playing football this Saturday and thinks that he should not be punished,’ Ed Garland, Allen’s attorney, said. ‘He greatly regrets that he made the one payment to him, $400, he wishes he never had.(Laing, Saturday Down South)’”
More about Allen here: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/man-who-may-have-triggered-gurley-investigation-wa/nhqnj/?__federated=1

Gurley knew he had a bright future ahead of him. Heck, he still does have a very, bright and successful future ahead of him. He will obviously still find his place on an NFL team in the near future, he just might not find himself posing with the Heisman trophy. Until the NCAA clears him to play (which we are all hoping will be before the anticipated Florida game), we just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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