“Here’s a no brainer”

There is an article on the ESPN website about how brain impairment in NFL players is beginning at a much younger age and is growing at a much faster rate. It has been a very controversial topic that has brought about many lawsuits on the NFL and equipment companies. Along with all the concern about these athletes’ health and futures, many steps and revisions toward their safety is being addressed. One of the biggest improvements from this safety movement is the concussion protocol of making sure that players with concussions are 100% cleared to play. This is a major responsibility and liability to the NFL to make sure the players are healthy enough to play safely.

As I am reading this article on ESPN, I am astounded at the increased progression of the Alzheimer’s disease in former NFL players between the ages of 50-59. It has been found that former NFL players in this age bracket tend to show signs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s at a progression rate of 14-23 times higher than the general population. An even more astounding statistic is that former NFL players between the ages of 60-64 have an increased rate of Alzheimer’s up to 35 times more than the general population. It seems that the NFL has taken steps to help prevent current and future NFL players from suffering these nasty diseases after their retirement by improving playing conditions, using better equipment, and making smarter plays and field guidelines. Many of the former NFL players that are

now retired are not able to enjoy retirement because they have to deal with these nasty diseases. These diseases not only affect they former players but it affects their families. I am really glad that the NFL has taken great strides to try and protect the players in so many ways.

In this paragraph I am going to give my own opinion on this big safety problem that has been developed in the NFL. Until recently I never really paid attention to all the talk about concussions. I just thought it was one of the typical injuries of the game. But when you actually look at the horrible long term effects and horrible diseases that are connected to concussions, you know something has to be done. There has to be a change in the thought process of the game. I think the NFL has taken great strides in improving equipment and making new in-game rules to protect the players, like penalizing players for hitting head-to-head. The head-to-head contact is ultimately the biggest cause of concussions. One of the new rules in place to protect the players says that players who have had more than 3 concussions in their career are forced to retire. The NFL does not want to be the cause for their player to get the Alzheimer’s disease. Even one of our own UGA football players was forced to give up football during the summer because he received too many concussions. When it comes down to it, safety should be the first priority. I think that the NFL is doing an incredible job of trying to protect the players.

In conclusion, I think this is a very serious current issue in the NFL. Many changes have been done to correct these problems and potentially prevent these diseases from affecting the players and their families. This issue won’t be fixed any time soon, but I think that there will be more improvements made as more technology is developed and more science is applied. So that’s the issue in the NFL on the rapid progression of Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases.


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