Holy Heisman! Did you see that?!

Holy cow did you see that?! It was another great weekend in college football as gridirons all around the country geared up with tailgates, corn hole and roaring fans. Nonetheless, the games themselves were pretty exciting themselves including the come-from-behind win by Texan A&M to beat Arkansas in overtime, and Missouri’s one point win over South Carolina to give the Georgia Bulldogs a little bit of breathing room in the SEC East. Florida State also pulled away from Clemson in the second half to remain number one in the AP poll. However in the midst of all these great contests there is still one question on the minds of all college football fans. Who will be the Heisman Trophy winner this year? And lucky for all the people thinking that because there is an astounding line-up of contestants for the coveted award.

So what’s the number one deciding factor that should be looked at when deciding who will receive the award? Is it as simple as statistics on paper for each player? Is it strength of schedule for each player’s respective teams, or is it how much value the player adds to his team regardless of the previous two factors? http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1385548-anatomy-of-how-to-win-a-heisman-trophy. Let’s take a look.

Oregon’s Marcus Mariota has proven he’s worth consideration after he already has over 1000 yards and 13 passing touchdowns not to mention he has three rushing touchdowns also in his first four games. Following a week five bye Mariota still stands at the top of the list for the Heisman watch. Consequently, Athens’ very own Todd Gurley isn’t far behind with just over 600 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns even though he only played one quarter in the week four blowout against Troy. Fans saw Gurley essentially fly over a defender in week five against Tennessee in order to get the first down for the Dawgs.


Gurley ran for a career high 208 yards on 28 carries and two touchdowns against Tennessee Saturday. Gurley will be the first running back to win the award since Mark Ingram of the Alabama Crimson Tide won it in 2009 if he is chosen. However, Gurley will be up against steep competition from talented backs across the country such as Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah (833 Yds., 8 TD’s, 2 Rec. TD) and Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon (612 Yds., 8 TD’s). Out west there is more talent coming from the Texas A&M Aggies where Kenny Hill has replaced Johnny Manziel as quarterback and the new ‘Kenny Football’ has his time to shine. Hill threw for 386 yards and 4 touchdowns in his overtime win against Arkansas Saturday. Hill on the season has thrown for 1745 yards, 17 touchdowns and 2 interceptions through week five. Don’t count Hill out just yet. He definitely has a heck of a season ahead of him as A&M still has to play the entire SEC West plus Missouri from the East, so needless to say Hill will be placed in the fire to see what he’s made of.

All these players have great stat lines but what would Georgia’s offense be right now without Todd Gurley?What would Oregon’s running game be right now without Mariota being a duel threat or what would Alabama’s quarterback look like without the talented Amari Cooper. Only time will tell to see who truly makes their mark.

Other standouts on the Heisman watch list include Amari Cooper from Alabama, Everett Golson of Notre Dame and Taysom Hill of Brigham Young University.
By Nathan Unger
Unger is a fourth year Public Relations and Music Business student at the University of Georgia.

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