Hot Tempers and Edgy Nerves

NASCAR Media Day

Hot tempers and edgy nerves are the essence of what NASCAR seems to be founded on, even before the cars hit the race track. As the high powered cars round corners, swap paint, burn tires and deafen spectators, drivers are contemplating the next crash and how to steal a spot from the driver in front of them. This sport is thought to be the biggest form of a redneck tailgate party that has ever existed.  However, after researching the sport and learning more about the drivers, families, owners, and family oriented events that take place there is much more to NASCAR  than many are aware of. From wrecks caused intentionally to the latest news concerning Tony Stewart there seems to always be some type of conflict between participants. The latest news involving Tony Stewart is one example of a conflict that could have been prevented but often times the tempers fly before much thought is put into actions. In the case of Tony Stewart, uncontrolled tempers resulted in a tragic outcome for a young driver.  The original thoughts of some journalists, media specialist and NASCAR fans led many to believe that his actions were intentional. His past actions and short temper left many willing to believe those allegations for some time. It wasn’t until later that people began to see the results created from this great tragedy and the impact it had on the well-being of Stewart as an individual.

As of Wednesday September 24, 2014 Tony Stewart was released, nearly two months after he struck and killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr., the district attorney’s office announced today that there was insufficient evidence to indict the NASCAR star. Ward who was spun out while racing beside Stewart climbed out of his car as though he wanted to confront him during the race. It has been announced that there were signs of marijuana in his system which enticed him to act out, leading to his death. This event was one that caught the attention of all sports outlets, social media and sports commentators, all wondering if these actions could have been prevented or if Stewart purposely hit this man. The events of this summer and beginning of fall have caused major turn overs in the sports industry, with cases such as Stewarts, Rice, Solo and many more individuals that have made questionable decisions that will not only affect their careers but also the rest of their life.

Agents, families, spouses, kids and fans are just a few of the individuals that are effected by the actions of these star athletes. Stewart was able to return to the track after just a couple of weeks away from racing, an action that I think should have been prevented until all charges had been cleared. Like the recent actions of the NFL players, I feel that these stars believe that they will not be penalized for their wrong doings, which in turn gives them the sense of security when committing crimes that the average citizen would serve major time for. I believe that it is going to take committee members from these sports, taking a firm stand and making an example out of someone before the other follow suit and understand that there are actual consequences from their wrongful actions. Until then, what is it going to take to get a reaction from superiors in these industries?

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