I’m Done Getting My Hopes Up

110215-cfb-Mark-Richt-pi-mp.vadapt.955.high.59As a Georgia football fan, it’s hard not to get my hopes up for next season. It seems like every year, there’s always next year. Especially this year. After a devastating loss to Florida last weekend, the Dawgs blew their final chance to become SEC East Champions. Even with two weeks to prepare for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, the Bulldogs failed to show up. To make things worse, Richt chose to start third string QB and kept him in the whole game, even when it became clear that his strategy wasn’t working. Has he given up? I’m worried about this team. Where’s the passion? Where’s the drive? Seems like we can’t even score a damn touchdown anymore. If we keep playing the way we have, there’s a very real possibility that we’ll lose even more games this fall.

If I had to pick one word to sum up this season (and most recent seasons, with the exception of 2012), it would be “disappointing.” We can’t blame the losses on injuries like we did in 2013 (although not having Chubb is certainly a thorn in our side). Yeah, it sucks that our star running back was injured during the first play from scrimmage against Tennessee. But we can’t build our team around one player. Chubb cannot carry this team, nor should we expect him to.

We can’t blame it on a lack of talent – we’ve consistently had some of the best players on our roster and this year is no exception. In fact, over the past five years Georgia has pulled in an average of 26 highly ranked recruits.This year, the Bulldogs currently have just two commitments from players that ranked in the top five of their position/age group. They have six that are ranked in the top 10.

Of course, one of those new recruits coming in is Jacob Eason – the chosen one. To Georgia fans, Jacob Eason might as well be Jesus Christ. Since Arron Murray’s final season two years ago, we’ve struggled to find a good (or even decent) QB. Hell, we don’t even know who our staring QB is this season and we’re already 8 games deep. Most of us are hoping Eason can save us from these dark times. But I’ll say it again: we can’t build our team around a single player. Here’s why:

Georgia’s problem isn’t being able to recruit elite quarterbacks. Georgia’s problem has been the inability to develop these guys into key players (see Lambert, Ramsey, etc). Even Hutson struggled as a senior last year. And that problem won’t go away when Eason comes to play next fall. Does anyone seriously expect a complete transformation because of a first-year QB? Even dating back to D.J. Shockley and David Greene, first-year QBs have failed to produce as many wins as returning starters under CMR. And if by some miracle, Eason does lives up to the hype – will that solve all our problems?

I don’t know, but I can tell you one thing for sure: I’m done getting my hopes up. No more “There’s always next year,” for me. Not unless we see some real changes around here. Firing Richt would be a good place to start. And that’s something I never thought I would say.





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