Is a new team coming to Atlanta?

Is a new team coming to Atlanta?


With the new news of the Braves moving to a new stadium in Cobb county, many questions have risen about what they are going to do with the stadium in downtown Atlanta, Turner Field. There have been rumors flying around Atlanta that there is talk of having a new baseball team coming to Atlanta.

The local Atlanta advertising executive, Mike McDonald, has begun to discuss the idea The Atlanta Surge. This American League team will be housed at Turner Field, the stadium that has plans to be demolished in 2017. McDonald has tried to talk to Major League executives, but thus far no one has answered him. His passion for a new team does not seem to be resonating well with MLB executives as well as Braves fans alike. The Surge has been mentioned in only a few, less popular news sources, so it seems like Atlanta is extremely far away from having two teams.

I have talked to a few friends and life long Braves fans about the move to Cobb County as well as the possible addition of the Atlanta Surge, and none of them seem to be happy. Their nostalgia for Turner Field is weighing out the possible success and improvements the move might have for the team. People seem to be afraid that the move to a more suburban neighborhood will change the feel of the Braves. But after having time to adjust, fans were slowly starting to accept the idea of a move to Cobb County. However, once rumors of the Surge emerged, the reverted back to hating all of the new changes.  People are especially upset about the new motto McDonald wants to give the surge “Let’s Turner Lemon into Lemonade”. “This mockery of a slogan shows the disrespect this man has for Atlanta, the Braves, and the generosity of Ted Turner”, a friend of mine explained. Besides the nostalgic factor, I do not think that Atlanta has the fan power to support two major league teams. With the reputation Atlanta already has for not supporting their teams like the Hawks, the Flacons, and the old Thrashers, adding another team is not the solution. Although “Braves Country”, the loving term for the six or so states that cheer for the Braves, is large enough to support two teams, attendance at games will be limited because the surrounding states do not usually attend home games.

I think that the change to Cobb Country will overall be a good move for the Braves. Don’t get me wrong though, I will truly miss summers at The Ted. From going to my first game when I was only a newborn, to going with my dad and learning all the rules by keeping a score-card, to having my first sip of beer in the Blue Lot, those summer nights will never be forgotten.

With the lack of news sources, was this just an early April Fools joke Mike McDonald is playing on us or is this a new emerging plan for Turner Field and Atlanta baseball?




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