Is one and done almost done?

The person who is most outspoken about the NCAA’s “One and done rule” is the one who has benefited from this phenomenon the most. Kentucky’s head basketball coach, John Calipari, has been very vocal with his feelings about men going to play college for only one year before declaring for the NBA draft. Calipari’s team that won the NCAA Championship in 2012 had three players out of the starting five who went to the NBA after completing their first year in college.

NCAA commissioner, Mark Emmert, agrees with Calipari in opposing the NBA’s rule that a player must be one year removed from high school before playing in the NBA. However, this may be one problem that is out of the NCAA’s control if the NBA doesn’t think that this needs to be changed.

In Calipari’s new book, he compares the NCAA to the dying Soviet Union because they have neglected to change their rules with the changing times. While some argue that the current model hurts both the players and college basketball, Calipari was quick to say that he believes this is an issue solely about the young men who play college basketball. In his book, he says he truly wants to coach players for four years, as opposed to what popular opinion may be. He says that most of his players aren’t ready for the intensity of the NBA at 19 years old. While this wasn’t true for players like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, who went directly to the NBA before this rule was implemented, not every player is as successful at 18.

This is also a difficult position for players to be in. Calipari says that most of his players legitimately want to succeed in the classroom and learn for more than one year, but millions of dollars are within reach. For some of the players who didn’t grow up with a lot of privileges, basketball and the NBA is the way to provide for themselves and their families. So, most of them do what any teenager would do and don’t look back.

There are many different opinions on how to fix the problem. Some believe that if there was a rule in place that said a player had to play at least two years, the players could be more prepared for life after their time is up in the NBA. Others think that players should be able to go straight from high school with no problem. Another argument is that players will have two options similar to the MLB’s policy: either go straight to the NBA or be required to complete two years of college.

Whether or not the rules change, there will never cease to be debate about this issue. There are pros and cons to both sides. While there are some players who aren’t ready for the challenges of the NBA, there are some who are good enough to play with professionals. There is no perfect answer to this issue but there can be changes made within the NCAA and the NBA in the best interest of the players.

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