Jameis Winston Under Investigation Again

After the state of Florida found 2014 Heisman winner, Jameis Winston not guilty of an alleged rape incident due to lack of evidence, he is under investigation once again. This time, Florida State University is asking the questions about the alleged incident that occurred in 2012. The New York Times broke the story of the investigation Thursday, September 4th.

Under Title XI, all schools are required to investigate cases involving sexual harassment or violence no matter what decision was made in a criminal investigation. It is also advised that Title XI cases take no more than 60 days to complete so this will be much shorter than the criminal case.

Apparently the university waited a full year to begin investigating Winston, conveniently after he led the Seminoles to a BCS Championship in January. The university then had to adjourn the investigation because Winston refused to answer any questions as advised by his lawyer. The delayed timing that has occurred is unfortunate for the young woman involved in the case because it could have helped her situation while she was still enrolled as a student at FSU. She left the university this past November when the criminal investigation was all over the news and others were harassing her.

John Clune, the Title XI attorney for the young woman who accused Winston of raping her is pleased that the investigation is moving forward. He also mentioned that the university is taking the process very seriously. As a result from FSU’s interview with the young woman, more information was found than they had from the Tallahassee Police Department. Clune is hoping that Winston will finally face his code of conduct charges that were given to his friends who were involved, but never to him.

David Cornwell, an advisor to Winston and his family is expecting similar results from this investigation as what was found in the criminal investigation. He is very confident that nothing will be found to make Winston in the wrong.

People who know about the scandal and are associated with the university are definitely accepting of the case, but apparently there are others at the university who would like it better if the investigation just went away. This situation is definitely not an easy thing to put your university and athletic department through, but it seems that they will be able to handle it.

On Wednesday, September 3rd, FSU began a program called kNOe MORE to address sexual assaults on campus. This program will provide information to educate students, faculty, and staff with what the meaning of consent is, prevention tips, resources for sexual assault victims and more. This will definitely be a great start to creating a better atmosphere on campus and hopefully will aid in avoiding another incident like the one that is currently going on. This is not just a program that FSU could benefit from. More college campuses need to step up and enforce programs like kNOe MORe in order to inform and educate their students.

Link to video: http://www.aol.com/article/2014/09/04/lawyer-florida-state-investigating-jameis-winston/20957563/

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