Jet Lag

By Cody Nichelson

The New York Jets had very little to be thankful for Thursday night.

The Jets fell to 4-7 on the year as they lost to the New England Patriots by a final score of 49-19. The loss all but ended the Jets’ chances of saving their season. A win over the Patriots would have kept them in the hunt, but they were unable to keep up with New England.

The loss was highlighted by an atrocious second quarter and the now infamous “butt fumble” from Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

Many fans from both teams are likely quick to forget that Thursday’s game was tied at the end of the first quarter.

But in one minute, the Jets’ season came crumbling down. The Patriots scored three touchdowns in 52 seconds. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it is only the third time since the 1970 merger that a team has scored three touchdowns in a minute or less.

Simply put, the Jets fell apart in every imaginable way.

To set off the one-minute meltdown, Patriots QB Tom Brady connected with Shane Vereen for an 83-yard TD pass. The coverage for the Jets on the play was abysmal. Vereen went untouched on his way to the endzone.

The next touchdown came as a result of what has been commonly referred to as the “butt fumble.” On an aborted play, Jets QB Mark Sanchez slid into the back of teammate Brandon Moore and lost the football. Sanchez turned the wrong way on what was supposed to be a handoff to FB Lex Hilliard.

Patriots Steve Gregory scooped up the ball and returned the fumble 32 yards for the score.

Twenty-one points. Three touchdowns. Two turnovers. One minute.Finally, Jets’ Joe McKnight fumbled the ball on a kickoff return. The ball landed straight into the hands of Patriots’ Julian Edelman. Edelman would return it 22 yards for a TD.

In the blink of an eye, the Jets found themselves in a hole they could not dig themselves out of. And in that hole they buried their chances of making it to the postseason.

No, the Jets were not expected to beat the Patriots on Thursday night. But they also were not expected to get blown out.

Following the game and the 4-7 start to the season, many Jets fans are left asking, “How could this happen?”

The Jets’ problems start on the offensive side of the ball.

Sanchez has the fifth worst QB rating in the NFL and has completed only 55 percent of his passes.

Sanchez has thrown only 12 TD passes and 10 INTs.

The Jets offense ranks 23rd in points per game and 27th in net passing yards per game.

With this in mind, could it be Tebow Time in the Big Apple?

According to Jets head coach Rex Ryan, the answer is no.

Despite the team’s record and lack of offensive production particularly in the passing game, Ryan said that Sanchez will remain the Jets’ starting quarterback. He has repeated that line after every loss this season.

“You can’t blame it on one individual,” Ryan said. “I think Mark does give us the best chance to win right now and that’s what we will do.”

Ryan said that he is optimistic about the remainder of the season and remains confident in the players he has chosen as the Jets’ starters.

Reports indicated that backup QB Tim Tebow was ailing from broken ribs during Thursday night’s game.

This led many to question Ryan’s decision to keep Tebow on the active roster, especially since he did not intend to put Tebow into the game.

Tebow defended Ryan saying that he told the coaching staff that he was ready and able to play in the game if needed and asked to remain on the active roster.

Ryan said that the team’s medical staff cleared Tebow and that he had taken snaps during practice throughout the week.

While Tebow may not be seeing much time on the playing field, the Jets’ backup QB is apparently still marketable.

As fans continue chanting for him, TiVo has selected him as its new spokesman. Tebow is now a brand ambassador for the digital video recording company.

The choice was made in part because of Tebow’s popularity on social media—he recently went over 2 million followers on Twitter.

The company wasted no time on announcing the new deal. TiVo posted a video on YouTube with Tebow saying that TiVo “is a player that can do more than one thing, which I respect.”

It does not look as if Ryan is as big of a fan as Tebow likely will not be representing the Jets as the starting QB this season, barring an injury to Sanchez. TiVo joins Nike, Jockey, FRS and Soul Headphones in selecting Tebow as a representative.

While Tebow Time may not come to New York any time soon, the clock has seemingly run out on the Jets’ season.

More importantly, time could be up for Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez in the Big Apple.

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