Kevin Ware’s Shocking Injury

By: Liz Justmann

Playing sports requires athleticism; everybody knows that. But being athletic requires ability as well as risk-taking. For as long as sports have been around, injuries have been just as prevalent. Even if a player takes personal precautions to avoid injury, there’s no avoiding collisions and injuries resulting from the other players.

Kevin Ware is an anomaly in this regard. On Sunday night during a March Madness game, the Louisville player injured himself. It was “maybe one of the worst injuries ever in basketball.” But Ware just fell, he wasn’t knocked and there wasn’t any contact. The injury could have been controlled and prevented; yet it is gruesome.

In the Midwest Regional’s game, point guard Kevin Ware jumped up, by himself, to make a block, fell, and broke his leg.


As multiple news outlets are calling this one of the worst injuries, Ware cements himself as an anomaly in the world of injuries. His injury was without contact, and injuries from a play like that are extremely rare. It happens, thousands of times during a season, a player jumps to try to block a shot.

After his fall, Ware’s teammates were visibly shaken up over the graphic nature of the injury. Multiple players fell to the ground and cried.

KevinWareTeammatesReports surfaced that his bone was sticking out of his skin. The injury was so raw that CBS decided to only show the replay twice, out of respect for the viewers. SportsCenter producers carefully chose the camera angle viewing Ware so as to make it tolerable for their viewers, too.

This episode of injury begs the question, are sports worth the risk? As the NFL tries to combat brain damage by heightening rules about tackling, a 20-year-old NCAA player broke his leg after a simple jump. Judging by video, it looks as though he broke it clear in half. This is a tough pill for viewers to swallow, and brings concern for the players themselves. Are college and professional sports worth the health risk and associated life changes? From a personal level, Ware’s teammates were visibly shaken up, Coach Pitino shed tears, and Ware himself spent Easter Sunday in surgery.

But avoiding the risk of injury would mean avoiding the sport as a whole. Ware clearly loves basketball, and was most interested in the team winning, not his own health. As he was being wheeled off the court, he encouraged his teammates to win the game. Ware told them “Win it for me, y’all; I’m good.”

Undoubtedly, there is concern about Ware’s return to basketball, but what about his health in his life overall? With such a gruesome injury, it’s highly possible that he will have outstanding health issues in the future with his leg. The question is, will he be able to cover the bills? Will he have more surgeries during his life that are stemming from this injury? Ultimately, only time will tell. Rick Pitino, Louisville’s Coach, has stated that he is expecting that it will take a year to recover.

Ultimately, Louisiana beat due 85-63, but only time will tell if Kevin Ware comes out of the game a winner.


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