Legend to Return to Athens and Open a Restaurant

By: Chelsea Niekamp

On Easter Sunday in 1980, The University of Georgia received a letter of intent from who soon came to be the pride of The Dawgs. Herschel Walker, the six-foot, 225 pound running back signed with Georgia and would eventually be inducted in to the College Football Hall of Fame. Although his NFL career after college wasn’t much to talk about, Georgia fans and players alike will never forget number 34, Herschel Walker. With 1,616 rushing yards as a freshman, 2,000 sit-ups a day, 9 Sports Illustrated Covers, 6.15 seconds in the 60 yard dash, and 5,259 total rushing yards in college, Walker was nothing short of memorable. Although he was only at Georgia for three years, he stole the hearts of millions and is still a spoken legend in Athens. When Walker said goodbye to UGA on February 25, 1983, little did Athens natives, students, and fans know that Walker would later return to Athens. 

On Super Bowl Sunday, Herschel Walker opened his new restaurant  in Downtown Athens on Clayton Street. Athenians enjoyed watching the big game at this exciting new “taste of the Dawgs” owned by an Athens legend. Walker’s new restaurant “Herschel’s Famous 34. Pub and Grill” is the talk of the city. The  restaurant has been busy with anxious customers since it’s opening in early February. The fun and exciting restaurant has such a unique menu that keeps customers returning to try all the interesting dishes. Thirty-four wing sauces, Doritos cheese flavored wings, and chicken tenders sandwiched in banana cream-dipped French toast are just a few of the yummy dishes offered at Herschel’s.

Not only is the new unique menu the talk of the restaurant, but its hip technology savvy set-up makes students feel right at home. Each booth is equipped with stationary iPads that allow customers to browse videos and pictures of their beloved legend. The iPads also allow customers to leave feedback about the food and browse all the different menu options. Waiters and waitresses are also equipped with hand held devices to take down the customers orders and send it to the kitchen quickly resulting in fast service.

It’s hard to believe that this restaurant could get even better, but this college atmosphere grill and pub is also equipped with a full bar and a plethora of televisions. This ideal set up will surely become everyone’s favorite place to cheer on the Dawgs.

Walker has definitely proven that “you can do anything, but you’ve got to work” by not only playing college football but going on to play in the pros, succeeding at martial arts and not opening a coveted restaurant in Athens, the place he refers to as his “true home”.

Georgia Bulldawg fans have a one-of-a-kind spirit and are fortunate enough to live in one of the best college towns around. Students and alumnus alike enjoy the family of fans that back the Dawgs on a yearly basis. Fans enjoy showing their spirit and giving back to the town, the team, and the players. This creates the perfect atmosphere for Walker’s new restaurant to succeed. This legend and his new popular restaurant are a part of Athens and will be for years to come.

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