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After reading the article in Sports Business Journal about the new Miami Marlins logo, it was obvious that my blog post had to be investigating the rest of the baseball logos. We’re going to discuss best and worst of the National League team logos.

The Top Three:

The Atlanta Braves:





Admittedly, this may be a biased decision, since the Braves are the only Major League Baseball team I’ve ever seen play, but I would rank the Atlanta Braves logo in the best category. It uses the original script typeface that is reminiscent of past baseball times. The colors are simple: only three colors. The red and blue seems very American, which is appropriate for such an iconic American sport. The symbol for the Braves, the tomahawk, is both representative of the Braves as a Native American reference and simple enough to be iconic. The logotype and the symbol fit nicely together to form an overall appealing signature.


The Chicago Cubs:











The Chicago Cubs logo is brilliant because it is so simple. The large red “C” goes around the “ubs” well, and mimics the large, enclosing navy circle.  I like that the designers didn’t feel the need to include a detailed graphic of an actual bear cub, as is sometimes the case. Its simplicity makes it iconic, recognizable, and memorable.


San Francisco Giants:







The San Francisco Giants logo utilizes the other typeface that reminds me of old timey baseball. This all-caps type treatment, as opposed to the typical script baseball font, is a good choice conceptually because Giants are obviously large and powerful. Again, I like that it is so simple. There are only three colors: red, black, and white. They also use a baseball in the background. Simple and to the point.


The Bottom Three: 

Colorado Rockies:








The Colorado Rockies logo is pretty horrendous. Without the tiny baseball, it looks like it was stolen straight off of the Colorado Rocky State Park sign. Rather than thinking about how the Colorado Rocky Mountains and baseball go hand in hand, they just took the typical Colorado design and stuck a baseball somewhere in the mountains. The typeface looks historical rather than looking at all like baseball.


Arizona Diamondbacks:









I realized I had been passing over this logo over and over because it’s just that bad. I’m not quite sure why the big “A” had to be faux italic. The three colors, black, burgundy, and gold, don’t go well together at all. It seems like they were trying to create some kind of modern color blocking, but it didn’t turn out too well. The pattern of triangles, which I assume are supposed to look like diamonds, look like they took five minutes to create. The crossbar of the “A” maybe is supposed to be a diamondback snake’s tongue, but it is not well portrayed. Overall, it is a sadly under-developed design.


San Diego Padres:











There is nothing entirely awful about the San Diego Padres logo, but what makes it on the bad side is that there is also nothing overwhelmingly good about it. It doesn’t say baseball to me. It looks like someone stole a class ring and used the insignia on the top of it. It looks like “San Diego” is a person, with the monogrammed-looking “SD” in the middle of the logo. Yes, the words around the circle fit nicely. It is simple, and the single color looks good. This is a lesson in the difference between brilliant simplicity, which is surprisingly hard to do, and something that is just plain understated. This, unfortunately, is the latter.

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