Method to the Madness

It’s March. It’s basketball season. It’s madness. It’s March Madness. Basketball lovers all around the nation are tuning into March Madness games hoping to have a perfect bracket and win one billion dollars. Yes, one billion dollars to gamble on who is going to win the championship game by just by filling out a paid bracket. Just one mistake could ruin the rest of your bracket, which was proved to millions the very first full day of the NCAA tournament. According to Fox News, “at least 95 percent missed at least one game before the tournament was 12 hours old.” There are always upsets during March Madness, but I have never heard a rave about the upsets like this year. After the first upset, my twitter feed was blown up by people whose brackets were already over. Every conversation I had for the next day consisted of the thousands of ruined brackets that had been strategically thought out.
Dayton, the eleventh seed in the south regional, is the team that started this madness, beating number 6, Ohio State with a final score of 60-59. Just one single point booted out millions of people from a chance at winning one billion dollars. Not long after the Dayton – Ohio State game, Harvard knocked out Cincinnati. Again, this was a number twelve seed upsetting the number seven seed. To top off the day, North Dakota defeated number five-ranked Oklahoma. Starting with Dayton’s win over Ohio State, “83 percent of brackets…were one and done” (Fox News). This is a just the first day! Only “5.7 percent of ESPN brackets” still have a chance at becoming a billionaire (Fox News).
Although I haven’t watched much of March Madness because of my crazy schedule, I did get to watch the Duke – Mercer game. This game shocked me, as it did millions of other fans too. Duke, known for their basketball program was seated number 3 heading into tournament play. On the other hand, Mercer was the definition of underdog. Mercer was not even “among the nation’s top 75 teams” (NPR). This has definitely been the biggest upset of the tournament. I was extremely happy that Mercer pulled out the 78-71 win against Duke because they are representing the state of Georgia well. Also, it is really cool to watch a team that has been under the radar step up to the plate and fight for an incredible win.
This years March Madness has been full of surprises, but that’s what makes it interesting, especially if you are in the running for a billion dollars. Although this is just another tournament, I love seeing all of these upsets because it is a little reminder about life in general. It reminds me that anything can happen at any given moment. Also, you should never take any one or in this case, any team, for granted because there is always someone out there that is working harder than you and fighting for success. I did not do a bracket this year, but next year I am planning on buying into a pool and making a bracket. Hopefully another billion dollars will be thrown into the jackpot for the perfect bracket.

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