Monster Energy Drinks

By Chelsea Niekamp

Ever since they were first marketed, I have loved Monster Energy Drinks, I guess you could say I am mildly addicted. I love how they make me feel alert and awake. I drink them about two to three times a week, although some people choose to drink them many more times a week. I have tried to quit because I know they are not the healthiest thing for my body, but I haven’t found a worthy replacement to drink on my long tiring days or when on days where I go to the trails to ride. Whether people choose to drink Monster for school or athletic performance, it is evident that people of all ages are choosing to drink Monster to enhance their performance and to give them an edge many other drinks fail to provide.

My brothers and I are very into dirt biking and we spend many of our weekends at Durham Town (a popular dirt biking site to camp and ride all day). Since I have this hobby/sport, I have experienced the Monster brand first hand and how their brand is very dependent on it’s connection to sports. Not only do many riders enjoy the energy Monster provides, but they also LOVE the riding gear provided by Monster. Monster offers many different types of gear such as hats, shirts, boots, bikes, riding pants, riding jackets, and helmets. There is no comparison to the “cool” factor that Monster attire provides to riders. From my experience as a rider, I have noticed that many riders would rather pay top dollar for Monster gear rather then wearing discounted “no-name-brands”. Competition between riders whether they know each other or not is very present on the trails and on jump courses. If you look like you know how to ride (have the appropriate gear) then you will be better respected than if you were not dressed properly. Among those who are dressed properly, Monster attire is viewed with greater respect.

The first Monster Energy drink was launched in 2002 by Hansen Natural. The original Monster was the first flavor to be marketed, but it didn’t take long for Monster to start creating and marketing more flavors. When Monster was first created, no one really knew the extent to which this unique brand would grow. It started the craze for energy drinks and has now grown and crossed into sports. Monster Energy now has many different sponsored teams in sports. Some examples are Monster Energy Kawasaki, Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, and even a Monster Energy X-Raid Team. As if having their own gear and clothing line and having many different sponsored sports teams wasn’t enough, Monster Energy sponsors over 200 athletes in all different ranges of sports. Some featured athletes include but are not limited to Danny Kass (snowboarding), Chris Cole (skateboarding), and Ricky Charmichael (super-cross). Monster Energy also provides insight and advice to riders in order to help build a fan base and to help heighten the skills of Monster Energy fan riders. 

It is evident that Monster Energy has taken their original Energy drink from 2002 and developed it into a brand that does more than just sell a drink that gives you energy. They have developed their brand into a go-to brand for many different sports. Monster Energy sponsors different events, teams, and athletes and thus continues to grow their fan base and continues to increase sales every year.


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