NBA 2013 draft

Victor Miltiades

NBA Rookie Preview

            The 2013 NBA draft was not touted as a league changing draft, not nearly as hyped as the current 2014 rookie draft.  There was no clear consensus for a number one overall pick, no one stood out leaps and bounds above the rest. In fact no one stood out leaps and bounds at all for that matter. The draft for next year has over ten players that have been considered to have all-star potential, often being compared to the legendary 2003 NBA draft that featured Lebron, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and other stars. Any one of those guys are a franchise changing talent, and comparing this new draft to that is high honors. The last 2013 draft is most commonly compared with the legendarily bad 2000 draft class, whose number one pick was Kenyon Martin and only had three players become all-stars. Kenyon Martin, Michael Redd and Jamaal Maglorie were all-stars in 2004 and that was their only appearance So one could say that having your draft class compared to that is not the highest of honors, in fact it is more of an insult if anything.

Upon further investigation though, I feel pretty good about this draft class. Although I do not see several all-stars in the mix, I see several players that are going to be veterans in the league for a long time. Any professional sports player will tell you that there is no better compliment than being called a veteran. The NBA is a star driven league, unless you have a star it is going to be hard to win a championship. Once you have a star though, what is next? You need to have 5 guys on the court at all times. With salary cap rules, one of the most sought after contracts are rookies and young players still on their original contracts, having several players like that is one of the only ways to still compete. (Unless you have LeBron and veterans will take steep pay cuts to play with them, not every team has that luck however.) Take a look at teams like the Pacers and Spurs, both of whom took the Heat to game 7 last playoffs. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were two young stars that had great series, and also had to guard Lebron. They were both on their rookie contracts.

In this upcoming class there are players that have been outstanding in the summer league, and the preseason, some that  had little expectations at all. A lot of these players are showing that while they may not be stars, they are going to contribute. Players like number one and number 3 picks, Anthony Bennet and Otto Porter, are part of the new age small forwards that can play both the 3 and 4 spot while spreading the floor. Number two pick Victor Oladipo has shown to have one of the greatest work ethics, a skill that can keep a player in the league for a long time. Looking further and further down the list I continue to see players that will contribute, while none may lead their team to a title. Finding players who can be the 2nd or 3rd best player on a team are important, basketball is a team game. It takes 5 guys to be on the floor to win a championship, Ray Allen made the most important shot of the finals. Not Chris Bosh, Wade or LeBron, role players are shown to be more and more essential to a teams success. While this draft did not yield stars, the list of quality role players goes on and on.

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