One and Done? D-League vs. NCAA

We have all (well, most) have heard about the one and done rule regarding the transition from college basketball into the NBA. If not, basically a high school student must play at least one year of basketball in college in order to be considered for the NBA draft. And Dallas Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban, had much to say about this policy enforced by the NCAA. Cuban uses terms like “hypocrisy” and “ridiculous” in regards to the NCAA and quite honestly, I have to agree with him. He believes that kids coming straight out of out school should enter the D-league versus a college basketball program because at the end of the day, these kids are trying to make MONEY, not be placed under stringent restrictions. Cuban’s argument is basically calling out the NCAA for not really treating these players as “student-athletes,” and the rules do not allow for them to take full advantage of their potential.

Now, Cuban is not saying he is against elite prospects gaining an education. If anything, he encourages it. Even though, education is not many players’ first priority, it is an essential one. So, Cuban wants to develop partnerships with nearby colleges to offer tuition and making life skills courses a requirement. Not only will freshman-age players maximize their full athletic ability, they are also able to gain full access to education opportunities. That sounds like a better option when you think about all the resources, time, and energy it takes to be under the strict confines of the NCAA. Mark Cuban has not necessarily figured out all the kinks in revamping the D-league, but he wants to start by making this a viable option of elite prospects coming out of high school. I mean, the D-League does not make much money, but it’s money players can actually make unlike the no-pay rule under the NCAA.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a multi-million dollar Nike contract, while improving your basketball skills (at the same time) in order to potentially become drafted in the NBA? Well, in the D-League, YOU CAN DO THAT. Now how does Cuban’s argument sound to you?

You can check out the full story on here.

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