Peterson Won or Done?

With all the negative attention that the National Football League has received the last few months, it seems that its management should be professionals now at handling cases such as domestic violence and child abuse. Yet, how does the NFL respond when a player is implicated in a crime yet gets off with a fine and community service? Such is the case with Adrian Peterson currently. Just recently according to ESPN the NFL Players Association asked for Peterson’s immediate reinstatement after he was tried with a misdemeanor in court that probably had no domestic violence or child abuse charge in it. So, this begs the question. Does the NFL allow Peterson to play or not?
His team thinks so and fantasy owners who drafted him first want him to, but the NFL risks its already-damaged reputation of lenient punishments. The problem that the NFL faces is the potential fan base that they will ostracize by allowing him to play. However, the NFLPA is fighting on his behalf since in the agreement to add him to the commissioner’s exempt list would be would be removed once everything in court was settled. Therefore, according to the NFLPA he should play this coming week. However, the NFL can still enforce its conduct policy that could include suspension or no pay depending on the degree of punishment. The new punishment passed down by the NFL is a six game ban for a player’s first offense and a lifetime ban for a second offense. Personally, I think this is lenient, but the NFL is about making money, and banning the players that bring in revenue would be against its nature.
I think Peterson deserves a second chance. Did he cross the line? Probably, but several parents discipline their children with ‘whoopins’ every day in some form or fashion. According to rumored reports and pictures, Peterson’s ‘whoopins’ were over the line and left large whelps on his children. This should not go unpunished.
The NFL should continue its conduct policy with Peterson, but meanwhile Peterson should play. Similarly, the NFL needs to come forward with a fine-line punishment for domestic violence. It’s already handled multiple domestic violence cases poorly, and it needs to create a zero-tolerance policy to respect women and to respect fans. This will benefit the image of the NFL despite Peterson being allowed back on the field. Players who have committed acts similar to what Ray Rice committed should never be allowed to touch the gridiron again. Such atrocities against females or any human being should not be tolerated, and I do believe there is a fine line between punching someone and disciplining a child.
Unfortunately, acts of violence will never be dissolved completely, but the NFL can take the proper steps to ensure that they don’t go unpunished. It is somewhat evident that it is making in effort to raise awareness to stop domestic violence through the NO MORE PSA on during prime time games. This will encourage millions of Americans and fans to stand up against domestic violence and to have a voice in this issue.

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