Peyton Manning: An NFL Legend

Legends. Legends are defined as an extremely famous or notorious person, especially within a particular career often regarded as historical. A legend is recognized as an icon, a phenomenon, a leading light. Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos is a legend.

Peyton Manning is not only recognized as one of the most talented quarterbacks in the National Football League, but also maintains this status through his rather impressive record holdings. Manning has made history in numerous cases, although his most recent accomplishment was on October 19th, while playing the San Francisco 49ers Peyton became “the best ever in ‘TDs added’. This record holding is extremely impressive not only in and of itself but also because of his surgery in the past that nearly jeopardized his career. In 2011, Manning underwent surgery on a herniated disc, which is described as a tear on the shielding ring in his neck. After surgery, it was noted that the herniated disc had been pushing on a nerve, causing his right triceps to become extremely week, which put his career into extreme danger. A post-surgery statement by Manning expressed his concern with, “…when you’re a quarterback and it’s your right hand, you’re certainly concerned as far as being able to do your job.” However, Peyton Manning was able to overcome this unease, rebuild his strength and become better than ever in his professional career.

Touchdowns added is calculated as the rate of touchdowns to pass attempts, which has been calculated the same way since 1932. With this being said, this measurement remains stable and allows for a qualified comparison within NFL history. According to ESPN, it is extremely difficult to compare NFL players throughout the decades due to the rules, offensive styles, and defensive schemes constantly changing. These aspects of the game have a strong ability to alter the performance of the players. Peyton Manning now holding the record for touchdowns added, means that he is “the leader in the clubhouse for career touchdowns added” or the best in history.

Peyton Manning has completed 509 touchdown passes in only 8,659 attempts, which means he has 157 touchdowns added. What this means is that Peyton Manning has thrown 157 more touchdowns in his career than the average quarterback would throw in the same number of attempts. This new record also makes him the only quarterback to possess two of the top ten touchdowns added season. ESPN states, “This number tells us that no other QB has been as proficient for such a sustained period of time as Manning has been, and he will likely remain atop that list for some time to come.” Manning responded to this record holding by stating, “I’m very humbled, I’m very honored. I certainly think about how grateful I am for all the teammates and coaches that I’ve played with and played for throughout my career, not only here in Denver—in Indianapolis and all the people who have helped me along the way.” He made it clear in post game statements that any record he holds wouldn’t be possible without the coaches and teammates. It is amazing that Peyton Manning still stands so humbled regardless of his many successes. He not only holds the record for most touchdowns added but also many other achievements.

SBnation claims that Peyton Manning, aside from his most recent record of most passing touchdowns in an NFL career, holds fifteen records in a career within the NFL. Manning holds the record for most games with a passing rating higher than 105 (92 games), most games with a perfect passer rating of 158.3 (5 games), most passing yards in a season (5,477 yards in 2013), and in 2007 he became the first quarterback in NFL history to beat 31 franchises. There is no uncertainty that Peyton Manning will go down in history as being one of the most accomplished and skilled quarterbacks to have played in the National Football League. Peyton Manning forever a NFL legend.






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