Predictions: Who will get burned by the hot seat?

As far as the standard for big-time FBS (D-1A) college football goes, NCAA coaches are now held at ridiculously high standards in that they are expected to win consistently throughout their tenure as head coach or be fired and tossed out in never-ending shame for the program. ESPN’s video depicts this supposed “hot seat” very accurately when it says that this position is truly “unsympathetic” and lacks any compassion or logic. You win or leave.

The big three recently through the 2013 season (despite only 4 weeks into the season) are Mack Brown, Lane Kiffin and Bo Pelini. All are characterized by failed expectations, external and unfair conditions and flat out bad luck.


Mack Brown has been with the Texas Longhorns since 1998 and was credited with revitalizing the Longhorn football program by bringing in incredible recruiting classes as well as many titles. 20 consecutive winning seasons, 18 consecutive bowl appearances, 162 weeks ranked in the AP poll, 21 consecutive conference wins and many other accomplishments. Let’s not forget the fact that he and the Longhorns were the last non-SEC team to win a National Championship (2005) and the fact that he brought Texas back to the title a few years down the road (2009). He was also given the Paul “Bear” Bryant “ “Coach of the Year Award in 2006. This is a resume that should not be scoffed at so soon. Yes, the Longhorns have started off on a 1-2 run with an embarrassing defeat against the Ole Miss Rebels. However, firing the man seems a little bit hasty and rash. I would even say that even considering the idea of throwing out the man that is the pioneer of modern Texas football is far-fetched and very naïve.


Prediction: He finishes the Longhorns with a slightly winning season (6-5?) and an average bowl win. Brown retains the job.

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is a very easy target. Ever since the ridiculous Tennessee debacle, he has been an infamous player in the merciless game of head football coaching jobs. With the Trojans, it’s been a pretty unfortunate ride. He started off in the 2012 pre-season polls as #1. From there, the Trojans hobbled through a mediocre season finishing 7-6 with a Hyundai Sun Bowl loss to unranked Georgia Tech. The external factors are tough what with NCAA penalties and the loss of Matt Barkley but when you are dealt with a great hand such as a top rank in the AP, it is inexcusable to a fan base to have so great of a degradation especially when you have decent expectations as a coach. At least Lane Kiffin admits to it ( His resume isn’t too hot and he’s not well regarded. If he doesn’t preform well in the games to come, he is in a very bad spot.


Prediction: Trojans will finish OK at the end, but Lane Kiffin will be fired.




Oh, Bo “The Nose” Pelini. With the most embarrassing loss a coach can get (blowing a 21-3 lead with special game jerseys at home), it’s hard to say how it can get any worse. However, it is easy to say now with the release of his explicit fan tirade ( The tape was obviously strategically placed and it has truly made his “hot seat” warmer in a sense. Looming over this fact is failed specialty as a coach. He is a renowned defense coordinator and to suffer losses like 42-21 (UCLA) and 70-31 (Wisconsin, Big Ten Conference Championship) elicit serious implications upon your recent coaching philosophy. Furthermore, it may mean the demise of your precious position as a head coach. With that said, Pelini in the holistic view on Nebraska football has done well at his position with 5 consecutive winning seasons and two bowl wins.


Prediction: Nebraska finishes pretty well, but Pelini is fired for the outrageous comments.


The hot seat is unforgiving in that tolerates no single-game losses. The hot seat is illogical in that ignores successful histories. The hot seat is just absurd in that it so quickly throws decent coaches under the bus for small hiccups. The hot seat is sensational in that it has even spawned its own website ( But, it’s “here to stay.”

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