RGIII Week 2 Review

By David Finder

Robert Griffin III, in his second start with the Washington Redskins, looked just as sharp as he did in Week 1 against the Saints. Although the Redskins fell short to the St. Louis Rams with questionable officiating and terrible decision-making, Griffin III shined as the star for the Redskins, throwing for 197 yards with 29 attempts and 20 completions. Although he threw his first interception of his young career, he immediately bounced back to lead the Redskins in a touchdown drive in the first quarter. Griffin looked impressive in the pocket, taking heavy hits and still throwing the ball in great form. He looked much more comfortable in the pocket and rushed for two touchdowns by himself, silencing the critics of his play who question his ability to take hits and scramble for yards. The highlight of his game was his 68 yard touchdown pass that pushed the Redskins passed the Rams early on.

Robert Griffin III after his Week 1 win against the New Orleans Saints

As a Redskins fan, one of the most obvious issues with the play of the team is in the defense. They allowed Sam Bradford to take the game into his own hands and keep Griffin off of the field. The Rams bounced back after a Week 1 loss to Detroit and looked pretty sharp, but they were a very beatable opponent for the Redskins. Next week, the Skins face off against the Cincinnati Bengals for their home opener, RG3’s first regular season action on FedEx Field. With the development of Griffin over the first two weeks, we can expect him to come out firing on all cylinders, but it’s the defense that should worry Redskins Nation.

All-Pro Linebacker Brain Orakpo injured his pectoral during the game against the Rams and will miss the rest of the season. Defense end Adam Carriker also suffered a season-ending injury during the game against the Rams, depleting the already weakened Redskin defense. Griffin has been a bright spot even with his first loss, targeting almost every receiver during the first two games. However, on the ground, the Redskins tailback Alfred Morris and the weak offensive line have failed to make the running attack as lethal as it needs to be.

With a lead of 21-6 during the middle of the second quarter, the Skins could not hang on to the lead because of their poor play on defense. By not stopping the Rams offense from, not only scoring, but taking chunks of time off the clock, Griffin could not muster up a comeback. The game ended in what possible may be the worst play for the Skins in recent history, as Josh Morgan received a 15-yard penalty, pushing the Redskins out of field goal range to lose the game 31-28. Morgan was pushed down and as he got up and into the face of the defenseman, he threw the ball at the player and received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

The blame of this loss should be tagged onto everyone, but less so to Robert Griffin III. He stood poised to make plays and managed his offense well, but mental errors and poor defense, along with injuries, lost the Redskins the game. Next week, Griffin looks to improve to 2-1 and win in his first home game.

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