Richardson sees a brighter future

Now that Trent Richardson has been traded to the Indianapolis Colts his career and marketability have a major growth opportunity.
In one of the most unusual NFL trades I have ever seen, Richardson was traded to the Colts Wednesday, September 18, 2013. The Colts gave the Cleveland Browns their 2014 first round draft pick in exchange for this powerful and talented running back. This move, as unusual as it may be, benefits both teams. The Colts have strengthened their running game and given their star quarterback, Andrew Luck, another offensive option. The Browns, who lack in the quarterback position and historically screw up their own draft, have traded arguably their best or only offensive powerhouse. However, Richardson was not able to reach his full potential given the weak overall offensive line and poor quarterback capabilities of Brandon Weeden and his back up. The Browns are expected to finish towards the bottom. This means they will have a top draft pick and then yet another first round pick—which they desperately need to create a real offense. The 2014 draft is expected to be stock piled with quality quarterbacks, so the Browns will finally be able to provide substance to their team (and scores).
With Richardson on to a more successful and exciting team, his stats are likely to see a boost—making fans and Fantasy Owners very happy. He will be partnering up with the number one overall draft choice of 2012, Luck. This stable offense is now deep in talent, especially given that Richardson followed only two spots behind Luck as the third overall choice in 2012. The Indianapolis field is going to be electric.
If Richardson and Luck are able to generate big numbers and exciting plays, which is expected, the team and players will see a rise in their own personal stock, too. Richardson has already taken part of a few endorsements, like ESPN Fantasy Football, and that was when he was with a less than mediocre team. Imagine the sponsors that will be scrambling to get a piece of the Richardson/Luck combo. From a business perspective, it is likely that Richardson will be able to negotiate for a better contract in the future. It wouldn’t be completely unlikely that Richardson is able to maintain his career at Indy. Imagine the local sponsorship opportunities that would create!
In week four of the NFL, I am sure we will see the beginning of some Luck-Richardson chemistry. The two already put six points on the board in their first game together (after only a few days of practice)! The Colts’ potential has been given a major bump this year, but the upcoming years are now guaranteed huge success (allowing that both men are able to maintain their talent and health). Overall, it was a good decision in the football world, however, it was an even greater business decision for all parties involved.

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