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Richie Incognito. Words cannot express how distasteful his past actions were against second year player, Jonathan Martin. Incognito was accused of hazing and bullying Martin utilizing racial implications. This included “sending obscenity-laden voicemails” and over a 1,000 degrading text messages to his former teammate.  This caused Martin to have a mental breakdown. Martin ended up leaving the team on October 28th, while Incognito has been suspended from the Miami Dolphins for an indefinite amount of time.  According to the collective bargaining agreement, Incognito can be suspended for up to four games plus a supplementary paycheck, which could result in Incognito losing up to $1 million. Everyone knows that hazing takes place in the NFL, but it’s unbelievable how far Incognito took hazing into his own hands.



But the hazing doesn’t stop there. After looking deeper into the story, there have been revelations regarding Dolphins veteran players. A NFL investigation took place that found evidence that players have been making rookies pay for luxurious trips out to Las Vegas, paying for meals, and having team meetings at strip clubs. And honestly this is only what they found, who knows what else these players have done in the past. It’s also important to note that the Dolphins didn’t do anything about the situation until the actual messages were released. Up until then, Martin just became the subject for more jokes from the team.


With all of this being said, there are always two sides to every story. It was said that the initial reaction to this scandal was an overreaction. Also, this overreaction continued with the second story as well. It is noted that hazing has been involved with the NFL for many years, but it’s sad the extent some players will eventually go to. The NFL says that this should not happen on their watch, and the Dolphins have “rallied around Incognito.”

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In the Fox Sports Interview taken place last Sunday, Incognito says, “You can ask anybody in the Miami Dolphins locker room who had Jon Martin’s back the absolute most. And they will undoubtedly tell you, me.” He also states that he is embarrassed by his actions. It’s honestly hard to tell whether Incognito is actually speaking his true feelings, or if he’s just trying to cover his own tracks. The interview portrays Incognito to be a nice guy, but the text messages and voicemails speak for themselves. Threatening to kill someone is not and will not be okay by any standard. In addition to this, Martin also spoke out about the situation as well. Although he did not have a live interview, he utilized his lawyer to make statements on his behalf. Some may see this as a smart move, as his statements did cause a bit of media frenzy. His lawyer tweeted on his behalf that he didn’t want to discuss the matter publicly, would like to speak with the team owner, Stephen Ross, and the CEO, Tom Garfinkel, and looks forward to “resuming his career with the National Football League.”


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Until the public hears the results of this investigation, there will continue to be speculations regarding the true nature of hazing within the NFL. It will be interesting to see the results of the investigation, as they will lead to more insight of the situation at hand.

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