Robert Griffin III- A New Hope?

By David Finder

As an avid and lifelong Washington Redskins fan, I can say that every season has ended in utter disappointment, and every offseason begins with a new hope that somehow Owner Dan Snyder will do something to make a mediocre football team into a playoff caliber team. This renewed hope of every offseason usually stagnates mid-season, as the Redskins usually are out of the playoff picture and demoted to irrelevance.

Some of these offseason tragedies in recent history; the signing of defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth in 2008 for $100 million that ended in a few years with his refusal to play under the Redskins defense (among other failures in Haynesworths ‘Skins career were legal troubles and injuries), the mediocre play of All-Pro Quarterback Donovan McNabb, who was subsequently benched for about half of his tenure as a Redskin, and even in the draft, placing the future of our team in 2005 with rookie quarterback Jason Campbell out of Auburn, who would ultimately be replaced by Patrick Ramsey, Mark Brunell and Rex Grossman. There has been a clear lack of guidance by the coaching staff of the Redskins, who after the detrimental reign under Steve Spurrier, who I accredit with leading the Redskins to the ground, went with old-timer Joe Gibbs, then the nobody Jim Zorn from Seattle. Today, I can say, that the coaching issue is almost settled with the Shanahan since his signing in 2010, but there hasn’t been much hope since his takeover.

This Sunday won’t be the first time I’m going to say the Redskins are going to win the NFC East, one of the toughest divisions football (with the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants consisting of almost half our schedule), but it will be the first time I can say it with confidence. If anyone is unfamiliar with the Redskins offseason, there is only one word that can describe it; BOLD. With a terrible finish to last season, we were awarded the sixth pick in the draft, but finally decided to make an important, and expensive trade to move up to the second pick. Trading our first round pick in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 picks and the second-round pick in 2012 as well, Washington made the most costly draft-day trade to get one young man who can save the Redskins from inherent mediocrity; Quarterback Robert Griffin III.

I have a strong belief Robert Griffin III will be the savior to the franchise. In my lifetime, we never had a franchise quarterback, and that seemed to plague us every year. Watching him in the preseason made my eyes light up; he could throw the ball in perfect form down the field with pinpoint accuracy, run downfield (he runs a 4.4 40-Meter, and was a track star in high school), and most importantly he has the character that separates him from most professional athletes. He graduated Baylor early last year in January with a Political Science degree, comes from a military family, and has a winning attitude and work ethic that I believe will make him one of the best QBs in the NFL in the next few years. The Heisman-Trophy winning Robert Griffin will be the highlight of my NFL season, and I expect him to carry the weight of the Redskins to the playoffs, or at least a respectable season, as he has the capacity to do so.

RGIII is offers the Redskins faithful a new hope, and I am ecstatic to hopefully see his play from Baylor translate into the NFL, and his eye-opening play could make the Redskins a Super Bowl caliber team in the near future. To the opponents of the Skins, watch out for his speed, his arm, and his football intelligence, as Robert Griffin III is the complete quarterback package who will make plays and win games.

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