SB Nation: Bringing Sports to Every Corner of America

By: Natalie Robertson

There is a constant theme that we will continue to hear about in this day and age with all the new media surrounding us: the audience now has a say in what the media produces. They can essentially create and share the stories themselves through various websites and blogs. The sports world, especially, gives the average sports fan a good opportunity to share their facts and opinions about any aspect of sports that they want.

I frequent most of the large sports networks websites, like ESPN and NBC Sports. However, I can’t say that I religiously follow a sports blog to get the latest information. I know plenty of them are out there, but I tend to go to the same sources to get my news. I decided to change it up a little bit, broaden  my horizons, and search through the (what seemed to me) endless world of sports blogs. I was amazed to find all the different blogs that are out there. There are blogs for literally every single topic in sports that you can think of. Another thing that I noticed were the chat rooms and forums. People can discuss their opinions all day long about whatever topic they feel passionate about. I know my dad frequents the Georgia Varsity Sports Vent (, which is ran by, one of the top sports websites. He is highly involved in high school athletics (he is the announcer for various sporting events in Coweta County), so he loves to talk with others about the latest in Georgia varsity sports.


One particular blog/website that caught my eye was This website has pretty much anything you can think of as far as sports go. You can read blog posts from people about anything from local sports to college sports to pro sports all the way to the Olympics. This website also links to YouTube to watch videos relevant to the topics you are looking for. For example, that video that the Arkansas fan posted to cheer up her team after their loss against UL-Monroe two weeks ago? Yeah, that’s on the main page. While exploring the many blog posts, I noticed that many were from everyday fans and some were from professionals in the journalism field. All of the posts, however, are intelligent and really informative. You can get a lot of information just from this site alone.

SB Nation is owned by Vox Media and is maintained by mostly part-time contract writers. However, people are free to post their stories and opinions on whatever blog they want to. That being said, there are 322 blogs on their website, all pertaining to different things. There is literally something for everyone on there. SB Nation is big on pro-quality, fan perspective. The blogs and posts are informative and intelligent, while giving fans the opportunity to share their knowledge on a particular topic. SB Nation has admitted that clumping all the writers into one sports blog would water down the experience. By creating over 300 sport-specific blogs, writers are able to share their passions and interests with others who are just as interested. For example, there is a UGA sports blog run through SB Nation known as It is popular among avid fans of the Georgia Bulldogs and gives the latest updates on what the Dawgs are up to. If you are passionate about the Georgia Bulldogs (and let’s face it, I know we all are), go check it out!      

SB Nation reports having around 20 million unique visitors to their blogs every month and that is likely to grow in the future. They also have investors, which includes Accel Partners, Comcast Ventures, Allen & Company, and Khosla Ventures. This blog has gotten great reviews and I can see why. What makes it so successful is the intelligent writing and the specific blogs you can visit. With the rapid changes in new media, I feel that SB Nation will continue to grow and cater to sports fans across America.

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