Social Media at the Superdome

By Maggie Heintzman

A total of 30.6 million mentions via various social media outlets earned this year’s Super Bowl the title of “most talked about Super Bowl in history.” Among the primary topics of discussion were the hit and miss advertisements, Beyonce’s halftime show, the unexpected thirty-minute blackout in the third quarter, and ultimately, the Raven’s win, that had social media outlets lighting up and “stole the show.”

ABC reports that when Kelly and Michelle joined Beyonce on stage, approximately 257, 500 tweets were sent per minute—totaling a whopping 5.5 million tweets just on the topic of Beyonce’s halftime show—almost out-numbering the amount of tweets about the Raven’s victory. ABC also reported that during the first minute of Beyonce’s set, approximately 200 photos were being Instagramed per second! The halftime went on to receive flack for possibly causing the ensuing blackout, however, it turns out that an abnormality in one of the circuits was to blame.

On the topic of the blackout, some brands were fast reacting and were able to benefit from the inconvenience. For example, Oreo took advantage of the blackout and were quick to produce an ad featuring their “real-time” slogan: “You can still dunk in the dark,” which received over 15,000 retweets. It is this type of quick thinking on your feet that creates buzz on social media outlets. It turns out that the majority of people using social media during the game reacted most positively and instantly to the authenticity and timeliness of the Oreo ad.

In contrast to the positive response received by Oreo, is the reaction that the majority of viewers had to Go Daddy’s “Big Kiss” commercial. According to Bluefin, a combined 85% of Twitter users gave neutral or negative reviews to the Go Daddy commercial, which was highly unexpected based on previous success that Go Daddy commercials have had among Super Bowl fans.

Other brands that used the power outage to their advantage were, Jim Beam, Tide, and Calvin Klein, though none proved quite as successful as the Oreo campaign. These other brands were quick to update their various social media sites with pertinent and real-time slogans; however, they all got much less of a reaction than did the Oreo mini-campaign.

Audi, on the other hand, was quick to use the power outage to their advantage, tweeting that they would send over LED lights since the lighting at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was not proficient. Audi used the blackout to poke fun at their long-standing competitor, Mercedes-Benz.

At the end of the game, Ravens fans were quick to take to social media outlets to celebrate their victory. The number of updates regarding the victory totaled over 5.5 million. When it actually came to the football players, Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco was a hot topic of discussion among users of social media. Coming in at second place as most talked about player of the night was Flacco’s teammate, Ray Lewis, who played his last game on Sunday. Lewis was followed by Jacoby Jones and Colin Kapernick, who were also recognized for playing well in Sunday’s game.

In the end, it was the combination of all these things that created such a buzz and will have viewers talking about the 47th Super Bowl for many years to come.

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