Southern Pigskin

About a year ago, a small sports blog started tweeting me articles about UGA whenever I posted on my blog twitter page about the Dawgs. I always retweeted them even if I did not finish reading the article. Soon though the blog took a major step by partnering with country music star Rodney Atkins and Southern Tide. They used the leverage of these brands to propel themselves to hang in with the big guys like Bleacher Report but did not succumb to losing their southern roots.

The writers keep their articles on an entertaining level by incorporating anecdotal stories about players in with their weekly recaps. Their advertisers are appropriate for their audience by generally only having ads for men’s clothing, beer, and Southern sports radio stations. They focus on the ACC, SEC, and Southern Conference as well as recruiting.

With the Rodney Atkins Pigskin Picks, the Southern Tide tailgater of the week, and the Budweiser Power Poll, there is little lacking on the site for football fans of all stages of life.  Football Saturdays are a religion down here and the site embraces that.

My favorite writer though is BJ Bennett. With a book on southern football games and culture, Down Here, he is relatable and believable. He dreamed up the concept of the site and it is apparent that he loves football, the South, tailgating, and embracing Southern tradition. He loves the Dawgs and is always my go to guy for anything Georgia related.

Recently BJ has even written an entire article about Athens, which hands down is one of the best I have ever seen.

Follow his southern college town tour on Southern Pigskin here! 

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